Grimes Albums Ranked

Claire Elise Boucher (born March 17, 1988), known professionally as Grimes, is a Canadian musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer. Her music incorporates elements of varied styles and genres including dream-pop, synth-pop, art pop, electronica, experimental pop, R&B, and hip hop. Throughout her career, she has released five studio albums, two extended plays, eleven singles, and four promotional singles. Born and raised in Vancouver, Grimes began releasing music independently late in the first decade of the 2000s, releasing two albums, Geidi Primes and Halfaxa in 2010 on Arbutus Records. She subsequently signed with 4AD and rose to fame with the release of her third studio album, Visions, in 2012. Visions include the singles “Genesis” and “Oblivion” and received the Juno Award for Electronic Album of the Year. Following this in 2015 her fourth studio album, Art Angels, was released and received critical praise being named the best album of the year by several publications. Her fifth studio album, Miss Anthropocene, was released in 2020. Here are all of Grimes albums ranked.

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7. Miss Anthropocene (Rave Edition), 2021

Grimes - Miss Anthropocene (Rave Edition) Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius

“Grimes has released a remix album of her great album Miss Anthropecine and although it isn’t as high quality as I’d expect from a lover of dark, brooding techno like Grimes there’s some solid stuff in here. The album opens on its best, ANNA’s washed out kick and threatening synths support Grimes’ vocal to deliver such an intense and claustrophobic techno banger. Hawtin’s work on Darkseid is less successful though, as the over-reliance on hi-hats makes it hard for the admittedly strong groove to poke through. Channel Tres’ remix is pretty great, and going for a mellower option for the most serious track on the album is an excellent move by Grimes.”

6. Darkbloom, 2011

Grimes / D'Eon - Darkbloom - Vinyl LP - 2011 - US - Reissue | HHV

“The Grimes tracks are some of the best she’s done. Unlike her earlier albums, which have some great ideas and sounds but sometimes have unfocussed song writing, all of these songs are catchy and are some of the best recent dream pop I’ve heard.”

5. Geidi Primes, 2010

ShittyAlbumArt on Twitter: "Grimes - Geidi Primes. #Art. @Grimezsz  #shittyalbumart #grimes"

“There’s something kind of weirdly voyeuristic about this album in retrospect. It feels like no one was ever supposed to hear this. And, of course, they were, but listening to Grimes in such a primordial, almost inept state of musical development is so weird especially in a post-Art Angels world.”

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4. Halfaxa, 2010

Grimes - Halfaxa Artwork (13 of 17) |

“There’s something a little autistic about Halfaxa, like her last one, “Geidi Primes”; it’s a little like the Fever Ray album that way, beautiful and unquestionably original but so closed off it resists any kind of emotional connection. Clare Boucher is a talented songwriter, and–that rarest of birds–a totally unique voice, literally and figuratively. Her singing is amazing, switching easily from a sweet coo to strange muezzin wails and even more alien shapes, and the production is pop-smart, twisting cheesy ’80s industrial and Dead Can Dance world-goth into unusually propulsive and replayable dirges–listen to the beat on “Sagrad” if you’re unconvinced, a razor-sharp techno bounce around which her gaseous, multitracked voice expands and contracts like a pitched-up garage diva’s. The thing that makes “Halfaxa” so intense and so hard to get a hold of, though, is that this bewitching voice and unerring ear for melody is in the service of a claustrophobic, somewhat warped worldview.”

3. Miss Anthropocene , 2020

Miss Anthropocene - Wikipedia

“Grimes delves into conceptually higher order themes on Miss Anthropocene. Synthesis would have aided these conceptual elements, given the album at times reads as unfocused and self-defeating. Despite this, Grimes continues to be a leading innovator in electronic, dance and pop music.”

2. Visions, 2012

Grimes - Visions. Bleep.

“_Visions_ is a culmination of all the practice Claire Boucher has done to perfect her brand of lo-fi dance-pop. It’s a showcase of her tempering her obsession with oriental pop and amplifying her dreamy, ethereal vocals. It’s a blend of polished production and the do-it-yourself spirit. Most importantly, these songs are pretty. Her creations have always been pretty and cute but Grimes has eliminated some of the factors which made her material inaccessible. These songs sound like radio pop songs with helium injection. That said, enough kinks have been placed in their fabric to make them fiercely alternative. The result is irresistible.”

1. Art Angels, 2015

Album of the Week: Grimes, 'Art Angels' | The Current

“Grimes amazes me. She makes amazing, incredibly fresh music and does almost all the work herself. This album is extremely well produced, catchy, unique, well written with that quirky touch of hers. A different style than Visions, less insane vocal pitching and more focus on songwriting/lyricism. Super fun, amazing album that you couldn’t get from anyone but Grimes.”