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Imogen Jennifer Heap (born 9 December 1977) is an English singer-songwriter, record producer, and audio engineer. Her work has been considered pioneering in pop and electropop music. Heap classically trained in piano, cello, and clarinet starting at a young age. She began writing songs at the age of 13 and, while attending boarding school, taught herself music production. After being discovered by manager Mickey Modern while attending the BRIT School, Heap signed to independent record label Almo Sounds at the age of 18 and later began working with experimental pop band Acacia. Heap developed the Mi. Mu Gloves, a line of musical gloves, as well as a blockchain-based music-sharing program, Mycelia. She also composed the music for the West End/Broadway play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Over the course of her career, she has received two Grammy Awards, one Ivor Novello Award, and one Drama Desk Award. In July 2019, Heap was awarded an honorary doctorate from Berklee College of Music. Here are all of Imogen Heap’s songs ranked.

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15. Shine (I Megaphone, 1998)

“It is so obvious to me that this is about suicide, but deciding in the end to NOT do it because she finds she has the inner strength to deal. She doesn’t need anyone on the outside to save her, she needs herself to do it. I think it’s a song about hope and rediscovering your own strength.”

14. Whatever (I Megaphone, 1998)

“I think this song is about a woman who broke up with a guy, and after trying to get over him, she realized she’s fed up with trying and wants him back. But she still hates him for what he did. But she can’t help wanting him. She sounds pissed about it too.”

13. Not You Again (Getting Scared, 1997)

“This song is absolutely beautiful – she sings with passion and her vocals are high and it’s a catchy song! I absolutely love this song. I personally think it’s her best song.”

Sparks (Imogen Heap album) - Wikipedia

12. First Train Home (Ellipse, 2009)

“This is a beautiful song. I never get tired of listening to it again and again. Its got really good music. It gave me joy and soothes my day.”

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11. Aha! (Ellipse, 2009)

“Really creepy and weir din a good way gives me chills. I can’t stop listening to this song. It’s got such an ominous tone to it.”

10. Wait It Out (Ellipse, 2009)

“This is an all time favorite song for me and my best friend, we love it so much. So happy I found it from that Chuck episode! It deserves to be way higher on this list.”

Imogen Heap - I Megaphone - Music

9. Closing In (Speak for Yourself, 2005)

“I think that’s just about right, she’s in love with the idea of being in love with this guy. When it comes to the realization of meeting him again she loses her grip on this personification and is at a loss.”

8. You Know Where to Find Me (Sparks, 2014)

“This song is beautiful. The first time I heard it I was overcome with emotion, because it’s exactly the internal battles we fight every day, and the feeling we have towards the friends we wish we had…”

7. Blanket (Live at Ronnie Scott’s, 2008)

“The meaning is fairly self-explanatory, but I love the idea of the blanket as her emotional comfort. She can’t get it from the people around her, so she finds it in her music. Beautiful.”

Ellipse - Album by Imogen Heap | Spotify

6. The Moment I Said It (Speak For Yourself, 2005)

“Beautiful song. I think it’s about a relationship where things are going wrong, and she brings it up to make things better, and he wants to bail. She wants to wait to talk about it, but he leaves. And she realizes as soon as she’s said it that it’s all going to fall apart.”

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5. The Walk (Speak For Yourself, 2005)

“The song has a good music with a combination of electronics. Besides, the lyrics are again a secret that you’ll love to figure out. The abrupt change of notes is simply a WOW.”

4. Just for Now (Speak For Yourself, 2005)

“The best I think from Imogen Heap.. The softness in her voice could kill you or save you to paradise.. The first song I heard by her and it’s absolutely amazing, so full of emotion and feeling!”

Imogen Heap – Speak For Yourself (2005, CD) - Discogs

3. Headlock (Speak For Yourself, 2005)

“I think this song is about someone believing in someone who doesnt believe in themselves. She see’s that the person still has it in them, even though they dont.”

2. Speeding Cars (Speak For Yourself, 2005)

“Just spectacular… I cannot stop listening to it. Reminds me of how life is hard but you still gotta keep going. Also that your friends are there for you, and you gotta keep living!”

1. Hide and Seek (Speak For Yourself, 2005)

“Its amazing. I can relate to it so much. I love how you can here the emotion in her voice. It is her best song. I also think that Jason Derulo did a horrable part of it on his song. No one can Compare to her. She is the one and only who will sound good singing it.”