Insomniac Songs Ranked

Insomniac is the fourth studio album by American rock band Green Day, released on October 10, 1995, by Reprise Records. It was recorded at Hyde Street in San Francisco, and the band prioritized high-energy takes during the recording sessions. Released as the follow-up to the band’s multi-platinum breakthrough Dookie, Insomniac featured a heavier and more “punk” sound, and bleaker lyrics than its predecessor. Lyrically, the album discusses themes such as alienation, anxiety, boredom, and drug use. Insomniac also served as a reaction to many early fans who had turned their backs on the band after it achieved mainstream success with Dookie. The album was reissued on vinyl on May 12, 2009. In 2021, a deluxe version of the album was released for its 25th anniversary, including previously unreleased live tracks. Here are all of the Insomniac songs ranked.

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14. Westbound Sign

“I didn’t really pay attention to this song when I first heard it, because I was eager to get to Walking Contradiction. But now as I listen to it again, I love it. You can just picture the music video (if there was one) as you listen to it, which is rare. A very good song.”

13. Tight Wad Hill

“Unbelievably fast. I don’t know what else to say about this song. This definately sounds like another GD song, I just can’t place which one. It’s really bugging me too. Sounds maybe a bit redundant due to the familiarity

12. No Pride

“Maybe the catchiest song on the album, it’s interesting how Longview and Geek Stink Breath are both track 4 on their respective albums and seem to be the heaviest tracks, and Welcome to Paradise and No Pride have a similar relationship of being the catchy catchy tune to follow. Maybe it’s just a coincidence. Dig this tune!”

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11. Jaded

“By far the fastest song on the CD, and I like fast music. Easily the best on the CD. One of GD’s best. A great song to play on full volume.. This song is bled into by Brain Stew, and is loud, crazy, and fast. What’s not to love?”

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10. Bab’s Uvula Who?

“A very fast-paced song that might lose a couple of people. Unless you actually read the lyrics you’ll most likely miss everything aside from `…all wound up’. It’s an intriguing track that will grow on you over time.”

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9. Brat

“A somewhat crude song about wanting your parents to die just so you can get your inheritance, but it’s a good example of the sick crude lyrics this album contains. A very amusing song about a young man wishing to get his parental inheritance any way possible. Although it’s a very short tune, it’s so fast and incessantly rhythmic that 1:30 will seem like way less. Great, great tune.”

8. 86

“A great song, mostly about an old guy (probably at the age of 86) trying to be young again. It’s very good. There’s no return to 86! The memorable chorus line talks about Green Day’s past and they really don’t have too many songs like this one. A very melodic and catchy way for Green Day to go back to their roots.”

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7. Stuart and the Ave.

“Good bass again, but this song is just too short and after a while iot becomes more repetative. A bit more upbeat and lighter songs on the album. This is a decent tune for sure, it’s not my favorite, but it’s still a pretty strong track. The song keeps getting better as it goes.?

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6. Stuck with Me

“Not only is this the best song on the album, it’s one of my favourite Green day songs ever. I don’t know why, cause it’s just a simple 3-finger chord punk song, but it’s just so damn catchy and fun. It has a good bass solo too”

May 31, 2002 | Bob Gruen

5. Armatage Shanks

“Pretty darn good. A very good chorus, with the line, “I must insist on being a pessimist.” Which I would call sheer brilliance. A good way to start off the album. Might sound strange at first, but when you begin to get used to it it’s a great song with a catchy beat”

4. Panic Song

“Good song. The 2-minute build-up gets a tiny bit boring after a while, but once the singing co9mnes in it’s just a great, fast catchy song. Best guitar work on this song out of the whole album. This song may have one of the best intros out of any Green Day song! It’s nuts and I love it!”

Spring 2009 | Bob Gruen

3. Walking Contradiction

“Builds up to a very happy, yet cynical song. Basically full of oxymorons, power chords, and all that good stuff. Hard not to like. Insomniac is not Green Day’s best, but it is still unbelievably good. Much punkier than it’s predecessor and it’s follower, which in many’s opinion makes for a great album. I agree. No Green Day fan can truly appreciate them until they get this.”

2. Geek Stink Breath

“A bit more heavier than the other songs. The lyrics are a bit more disdurbing, and the song is somewhat slower-paced. Very punk and enjoyable, until you get to the chorus. The song kicks majorly, but the chorus is too poppy and kinda ruins the song. It’s very hard to understand Billie Joe at times, too. Still a great song though; the bridge instrumental is the best part”

Green Day | Bob Gruen

1. Brain Stew

“This song is indescribable. It starts out slowly with just three guitar chords, then gradually adds in drums, and finally bass. It’s pretty slow throughout, with awesome vocals and great instrument work. ust a bizzare song, a classic anthem that was #1 on the charts for awhile.”