Warning Songs Ranked

Warning (stylized as WARNING:) is the sixth studio album by American rock band Green Day, released on October 3, 2000, by Reprise Records. Building upon its predecessor Nimrod (1997), it eschewed the band’s trademark sound and incorporated acoustic elements and pop and folk styles. Lyrically, the album contains more optimistic and inspirational themes in comparison to the band’s earlier releases. Warning was also Green Day’s first album since Kerplunk (1991) that was not produced by Rob Cavallo, although he did have a hand in its production and was credited as executive producer. Despite mixed criticism towards the band’s stylistic change, the album received mostly positive reviews from critics, who praised vocalist/guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong’s songwriting. Although it peaked at number four on the US Billboard 200, Warning represented the lowest commercial slump in Green Day’s career, being their first album since signing to a major label not to achieve multi-platinum status. However, the album being leaked onto Napster three weeks before its release may have been a contributing factor to its low sales. The album has nonetheless been certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America, and has sold over 1.2 million copies as of 2012. Worldwide it has sold 3.5 million copies. Here are all of the Warning songs ranked.

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12. Fashion Victim

“While the staccatoed guitars on this track have a solid groove, the song ultimately feels underwhelming. The chorus of this track is largely forgettable, and often leaves me wanting more from it. One other track that feels a little lacking is the song Jackass, pretty much everything from this track feels particularly contrived, and if anything, this song reminds me a little too much of the song Blood, Sex and Booze.”

11. Hold On

“An intro with a harmonica, a swingish beat, Todo, I don’t think we’re in Dookie anymore. If you like change, you will like this song, as well as every other song on this cd. I happen to think this song is just ok”

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10. Jackass

“These lyrics are not like most of the lyrics off of this album. Most of the lyrics are very optimistic and positive, in this song Billie Joe sings about that person who is annoying and how they are a waste of time to listen to. Good song.”

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9. Deadbeat Holiday

“While this track’s chorus does remind me a lot of No Pride from Insomniac, it’s melody is one of the most memorable on the album, proving that Green Day could still create some pretty powerful choruses, even when working with ideas and melodies that would otherwise seem redundant.”

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8. Church on Sunday

“This is the most popish song on the cd, but still with a green day/punkrock touch. Its a pretty good song, about Billie Joe’s wife, Adrienne/the couple’s then-strained marriage. The “church” lyrics serve as a metaphor as Billie tells his wife that he will try harder to compromise with her in their marriage. He’s still determined to make their marriage work.”

7. Castaway

“I just love the song castaway and I think songs like jackass and blood sex and booze don’t get nearly enough credit. Warning may be a good song but it sounds like they copied a few people on that one.”

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6. Blood, Sex and Booze

“The best song on the cd. If you like Hitchin’ a Ride(Nimrod), you will love this song. A very nice beat. The track opens w/ the sound of a dominatrix whipping (spanking?) her man into submission. The song goes into a more low-key mode from there.”

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5. Misery

“One of the most left field moments on the entire record is the song Misery. This track features a curious, almost Russian sounding chord sequence, and while I can appreciate the bands attempt to diversify their sound somewhat, the track just comes across as awkward, and even a little out of place, with Armstrong’s intense sneering vocals being the only real saving grace of the track.”

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4. Warning

“This is a very fitting opening song. The track warning really shows how different the cd is. After the chorus in this song you can hear a siren going off. There’s a first for everything. A light, breezy, folky (slightly pop-sounding) tune. Who knew that a defiance-filled track could sound.”

3. Macy’s Day Parade

“Kind of a downbeat way to end the record. Not a bad song, but i’ve never really been able to get into it.So in conclusion, this record is fantastic. If you don’t own it you’re a crazy cracker fool. For shame, For shame. Buy it now buddy, it’s gonna be okay.”

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2. Waiting

“One of the radio singles. A great song about kind of starting something anew and the sense of hope that comes with it. The most optimistic lyrics on the cd. This is one of my favorite songs on the cd.”

1. Minority

“If you have heard one song from Warning, this is the one. The opening sounds like a drunk Irish guy playing the acoustic gutiar. After the intro it breaks out into the most punkish song on the cd. Very good song.”