INXS Songs Ranked

INXS (pronounced “in excess”) was an Australian rock band, formed as The Farriss Brothers in 1977 in Sydney, New South Wales. The band’s founding members were bassist Garry Gary Beers, main composer and keyboardist Andrew Farriss, drummer Jon Farriss, guitarist Tim Farriss, lead singer, and main lyricist Michael Hutchence, and guitarist and saxophonist Kirk Pengilly. For 20 years, INXS was fronted by Hutchence, whose magnetic stage presence made him the focal point of the band. Initially known for their new wave/pop style, the band later developed a harder pub rock and alternative rock style that included funk and dance elements following Hutchence’s death in November 1997, INXS made appearances with several guest singers and toured and recorded with Jon Stevens as lead singer beginning in 2002. In 2005, members of INXS participated in Rock Star: INXS, a reality television series that culminated in the selection of Canadian J.D. Fortune as their new lead singer. Irish singer-songwriter Ciaran Gribbin replaced Fortune as lead singer in 2011. During a concert on 11 November 2012, INXS stated that the performance would be their last, although they did not announce the band’s permanent retirement. INXS won six Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) awards, including three for “Best Group” in 1987, 1989, and 1992; the band was inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame in 2001. INXS has sold an estimated 60 million records worldwide making them one of Australia’s highest-selling acts. Here are all INXS songs ranked.

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20. Kiss the Dirt (Falling Down the Mountain) (Listen Like Thieves, 1985)

“INXS is iconoclastic. They are musically peerless not merely in Australia, but rank among the greatest-ever rock groups on the planet. But among their many smash hits throughout three decades, this vastly underrated track (in my humble opinion) surpassed them all.”

19. The Stairs (X, 1990)

“Musically sweeping with emotionally moving lyrics. Never understood why this song is not mentioned more often as one of their best.  Totally the coolest musically smooth sound for them

18. Kick (Kick, 1987)

“For those of who grew up to the soundtrack of 80s wave music, Kick falls right to place. I’d probably rate this album as INXS’ third best album behind The Swing and Shabooh Shoobah. Simply put, this is great album.”

17. The One Thing (Shabooh Shoobah, 1982)

“Michael has the most haunting, and possessive vocals, I can’t get over the damn chorus. That is perfection. The shredding guitar and the saxophone make this song sound rich and full. I love the energy.”

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16. Bitter Tears (X, 1990)

“This song has to be one of the best songs I have heard in a long time maybe if people listened to the lyrics before Michael hut hence passed away they would have understood what he was going through”

15. Good Times (Barnestorming, 1988)

“This song, performed by one of the greatest bands of all time, is a perfect blend of musical talents. It will truly take you back in time to when the INXIS ruled the airwaves.”

14. Disappear (X, 1990)

“I always liked INXS – but to me, this was their best song. Catchy lyrics, fun beat – great “flashback” to 1980-something! A very good song I had forgotten about. Well written and played.”

13. Mystify (Kick, 1987)

“This song has a rather unusual structure. It opens with the vocal, followed by a bed of piano and finger snaps through the first chorus. It’s not until the second verse that the rest of the instrumentation comes in.”

12. By My Side (X, 1990)

“This song is the best hint what was Michael going through and the song where I can relate to every comma. The part “Room full of people, some call me friend” is the most sad and perfect lyrics part ever. I like music in Never tear us apart best, but nothing can beat this lyrics.”

11. Beautiful Girl (Welcome to Wherever You Are, 1992)

“This is the song Michael Hutchence wrote about his daughter when he wasn’t allowed to see her by Bob Geldof. The result of which led him to commit suicide. This is by far the most significant INXS song.”

10. Afterglow (Switch, 2005)

“There is something so soothing about this song that I always get an inexplicable sensation. Great song… It takes you to a different level of emotion.. If someone wants to get lost in music do listen to this song.. Everything is perfect in this song..”

9. Devil Inside (Rock Star, 1987)

“If you’re into hard-driving rock-n-roll, this piece & indeed, this group, is for you! a real foot-stomper of a song – it never let’s up and goes all the way to the end! A classic hard-rock piece!”

8. Listen Like Thieves (Listen Like Thieves, 1985)

“This is a hard rock album of INXS in that the sound is mostly the guitar sound with heavy drums in the background. As someone had stated before INXS had a layered sound previous to this album, but that is not what this album is about.”

7. Original Sin (The Swing, 1984)

“Pengilly’s use of both guitar and sax increase its quality so much! And Hutchence like always causes chills to those who listen, his voice is too good!”

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6. Suicide Blonde (X, 1990)

“The best harmonica ever! There’s no moment in the song you cannot really enjoy. It sends straight waves of joy, simply and with taste. This song is perfect to me.”

5. What You Need (Listen Like Thieves, 1985)

“This song is a classic favorite of mine. I especially like the play of instruments. The limited vocal input is fine also. Great 80’s song that should be in every collection.”

4. Don’t Change (Shabooh Shoobah, 1982)

“This was one of their first great hits. It was still part of the tail end of the New Wave era, which is where their roots are from. It’s been covered by the great Bruce Springsteen whose version is awesome in its own right. But if you want to get into INXS, Don’t Change is a great song to listen to first.”

3. New Sensation (Kick, 1987)

“Despite his funniness is a pretty great seriously worked song, the guitars, the new wave feeling and everything just made of this song a cult. Infectious dance beat and Hutchence’s passionate lyrics has no equal!

2. Need You Tonight (Kick, 1987)

“Possibly one of the top-ranking club dance songs ever, its depth in beat grabs your soul and motivates you even on the dullest days. Need You Tonight didn’t need a Saxo to become the best one here. It even has many uncomparable arraignments with the best and only funky original bass and the short cd effects.

1. Never Tear Us Apart (Kick, 1987)

“Intense passionate and glorious the musical arrangement is spot on the vocals top-notch it truly is one of the finest moments ever recorded INXS outdid themselves with Never Tear Us Apart. I loved all their music and when they made kick I knew this song was one of their best.”