Iowa Songs Ranked

Iowa is the second studio album by the American heavy metal band Slipknot. Released by Roadrunner Records on August 28, 2001, it was produced by Ross Robinson and Slipknot. The title derives from the band’s home state, Iowa, which members have stated is one of their greatest sources of inspiration. With much anticipation for the album following the success of their 1999 self-titled debut, pressures on the band were high. Their relationships with each other suffered and this was later described as the darkest time of their career.[4] It was also the first full album to feature guitarist Jim Root after only appearing on two songs from their previous album. Despite troubles within the band and with Iowa‘s development, Slipknot promoted it for almost a year. Here are all of Iowa’s songs ranked.

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14. (515)

“(515) is a masterpiece, really, it’s the angriest thing I’ve ever heard. For me, this one minute intro is a visit into an insane man’s brain. Eerie sounds like something you would hear in Black Hawk Down or other war movies.”

13. The Shape

“Very good song… not their best but very good… I liked the ending part of the song where Corey starts saying ” It’s not a word it’s a problem and the problem is easy” then he starts singing about it and making us look like were dumb.”

12. New Abortion

“I just love this song, because you can hear Chris and Shawn saying some sh*t in the part of the song it happens at 2:30 and end at 2:44 you can hear them both do it better on the Disasterpieces DVD.”

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11. Skin Ticket

“This song just gets old.. and it’s very long to… it’s ok the first few times you listen to it I’ll give it that… in the end you’ll find it drowns… not much lyrics to it also, just says the same thing over and over.”

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10. Metabolic

“Not bad also it’s just missing something it feels like … but I do like the chorus …. ” I’m almost ready to die but your killing me” gotta love that part if anything at all in this song.”

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9. Iowa

“I love this song it has awsome guitar riffs and lyrics and Coreyys voice is amazing as he sings and screams and yells along with the gutar and everything else that Slipknot plays.”

8. Gently

“Nothing but a big explosion of noise, but it sounds good. Breaks away from the psychosis for about two minutes then jumps back in. Insanity in every way, such a perfectly brutal song.”

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7. I Am Hated

“This is my second favorite song on this album.. IT RULES AND YOU CAN FEEL THE HATRED IN THIS SONG… It’s one of the fastest and shortest song that the band has made. Defintly worth a listen. Reminds me of thrash metal Slipknot style.”

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6. Everything Ends

“Wow… This song always reminds me of people I hate… and for good reason to.. it goes like this ” you are all ****** and over rated think I’m gonna be sick and it’s your fault. This is the end of everything. You are the end of everything” This song right here is a must listen for a Slipknot fan!”

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5. My Plague

“My Plague” is decent except for the chorus which just doesn’t really fit the rest of the song. The riff at the end is awesome, though. It’s so intense and easily their best lyrics on the album, maybe their all time best. The dark melody mixes perfect with both vocals”

4. The Heretic Anthem

“The chorus was ludicrous to me at first but then became catchy after awhile. “Left Behind” is definitely their attempt at radio airplay, but I still liked the song quite a bit so that’s not exactly a bad thing. “

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3. Disasterpiece

“I didnt care for this song that much when i fist got the album but after listening to this album way over 500 times the song grew on me and the hole thing about “No one” i just love the feeling. And when Corey sayd “i wanna slit your throat” in the begining i was just like holy sh*t. awsome dark song as well.”

2. Left Behind

“There 1st single off the Album. There is really nothing to say about it cuz we all have heard it. Love the music video. his song took me a few listens to like but afterwords I love it… it’s a good song for someone who feels lonely like me. But then again… WE ALL GOT LEFT BEHIND!”

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1. People = S***

“Well after that.. umm… wierd song.. it starts to get interesting… this song here is awesome and tells you why people (ourselves) are completely messed up… of course there’s all sorts of reasons why were the song title.. Pollution, deforestation, cruelness, causing problems for other animals survival.. but anyways you get the point this song ROCKS and it’s really fast too.