John Doe Albums Ranked

John Nommensen Duchac (born February 25, 1953), known professionally as John Doe, is an American singer, songwriter, actor, poet, guitarist, and bass player. Doe co-founded LA punk band X, of which he is still an active member. His musical performances and compositions span rock, punk, country, and folk music genres. As an actor, he has dozens of television appearances and several movies to his credit, including the role of Jeff Parker in the television series Roswell. In addition to X, Doe performs with the country folk-punk band the Knitters and has released records as a solo artist. In the early 1980s, he performed on two albums by the Flesh Eaters. Here are all of John Doe’s albums ranked.

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5. Dim Stars, Bright Sky (2002)

John Doe – Dim Stars, Bright Sky (2002, CD) - Discogs

“Yes, X. Their front man John Doe delivers a beautiful thought provoking group of edgy poems set to his folk/blues style of music. John’s original band X, is still one of my favorites to listen to, and this new album does not disappoint either. Hints of the earlier punk band are felt in the lyrics but the music is much softer. Any fan of X should give this a listen!”

4. A Year In The Wilderness (2007)

John Doe - A Year in the Wilderness by John Doe (2007-06-12) -  Music

“It’s easy to forget about John Doe, what with all the artistic dead-ends in his resume, but this is a solid collection of songs that grows with each listening, the record we all knew he had in him. A number of fine female singers makes up for the hole left by Exene Cervenka, and the songs and production are top-notch, and very affecting.”

3. Keeper (2011)

Keeper - Album by John Doe | Spotify

“John Doe and his crew just keep on keeping on. Continuing in the style of the last outstanding album, “A Year in the Wilderness,” “The Keeper” has the same musical chops and searing lyrics that make Doe’s work so powerful. The glimpse into a somewhat mysterious private pain on “Little Tiger” and “Giant Step Backwards” are the highlights. The reworked “Paint the Town Blue,” an old X tune works better than most – and it sure is nice for an artist to embrace the continuity as well as the change in a 30+ year career. While this is no “Dim Stars, Bright Lights” or “Meet John Doe.” It is ENOUGH.”

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2. Forever Hasn’t Happened Yet (2005)

John Doe – Forever Hasn't Happened Yet (2005, CD) - Discogs

“While I was, and continue to be, a big fan of the LA punk scene during the late seventies and early eighties, John Doe stands out as a real musical and lyrical talent among so many others that were simply able to “strike a chord” among the angry youth audience. John Doe has written a thoughtful retrospect that has elements of rock, punk, folk, and country. Rarely is an album released where I am able to enjoy more than one or two songs. This album is chocked full of great tracks.”

1. Meet John Doe (1990)

John Doe – Meet John Doe (1989, Vinyl) - Discogs

“John Doe has a classic voice and his lyrics are introspective and romantic and imaginative. There is some carryover between this and some of the cover choices for the first Knitters album that compliment one another. My favorite song, “My Offering” is still good after several years, and “The Real One” is a great sing along. It was great to find it again after losing it to the graveyard of cassette tapes.”