The Gun Club Songs Ranked

The Gun Club was an American post-punk band from Los Angeles, California, United States, which existed from 1979 to 1996. Created and led by singer-songwriter and guitarist Jeffrey Lee Pierce, they were notable as one of the first bands in the punk rock subculture to incorporate influences from blues, rockabilly, and country music. The Gun Club has been called a “tribal psychobilly blues” band, as well as initiators of the punk blues, sound cowpunk – “He (Pierce) took Robert Johnson and pre-war acoustic blues and ‘punkified’ it. Up until then, bands were drawing on Iggy + The Stooges and the New York Dolls but he took it back so much further for inspiration.” Here are all of The Gun Club’s songs ranked.

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10. Mother of Earth (Miami, 1982)

“The song is pretty fitting to me especially as it is the last track on the Miami album. i think the singer (JLP) is at the end of his journey. he’s a traveling dude, moving from town to town and he knows first hand the seedy underbelly of Americana for better or worse. hes been along the highways and the seediest motels along the interstates. the song is more or less an epitaph to the album itself.”

9. Fire Of Love (Fire Of Love, 1981)

“More or less the most casual rock anthem ever. It doesn’t care that it’s so spotless and anthemic, it doesn’t have any pretension not to care but it just plays its sound like it oughta : it stomps, it’;s cool as fuck. And these cybal hits, man. The whole band gets it, all the musicians sound like they’re born for this. It sounds so easy and natural that you’;d suppose their whole discography was as good as this.”

8. Preaching The Blues (Fire Of Love, 1981)

“Such wonderful brooding punky blues tracks with a quirky quality that brings it all back to the roots of rock. A band that every music lover gets to eventually and then punishes themselves for not learning about them earlier. I know I did. This is their masterpiece and the perfect place to start. Blues with a punk stance.”

The Gun Club - Fire Of Love CD - Superior Viaduct

7. Carry Home (Miami, 1982)

“Carry Home” just throws you right in, what an opener. “Carry Home” is probably the Gun Club song I adore the most, even after I heard through most of their discography, that song is still the shit. Perhaps because it was my introduction to Gun Club, or perhaps just because it’s such an awesome song.”

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6. Sex Beat (Fire of Love, 1981)

“It is about only wanting someone based on appearance and appeal and not about wanting someone for their soul and the very fabric of their entity. It is about the naivity of allowing someone to convince you that another only wants you for the purpose of sex when in fact the person wants to love and be loved.”

5. Sleeping in Blood City (Miami, 1982)

“Absolutely essential, great one-after-the-other songs, killer guitars and a technically poor productions which adds value to the performance of the great late Jeffrey Lee Pierce”

The Gun Club - Miami - Music

4. Bad Indian (Fire of Love, 1981)

“This album is like heroin to me. Slide guitar’s skitter about and make glorious noise as Jeffery Lee Pierce, the best punk singer there ever was, croons about sex and death. It’s an addictive and explosive flaming ball of negative energy with a hint of black comedy that doesn’t dull its razor sharp edge.”

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3. For the Love of Ivy (Fire of Love, 1981)

“An expensive, but definitely, well-worth it purchase. It’s hard (in a good way) to peg this album to any one genre (s) but some of the genres encompassed are blues, rockabilly, punk, rock. Regardless, this is quite a unique album and definitely out of the mainstream. It’s really good and I highly recommend it.”

2. Idiot Waltz (Lucky Jim, 1993)

“This song proves how ridiculous mainstream radio has become. One of the best blues songs ever written – not a minute on mainstream radio. Pain can be beautiful.”

Lucky Jim - Album by The Gun Club | Spotify

1. She’s Like Heroin to Me (Fire of Love, 1981)

“A wonderful conglomeration of punk rock, blues, and psychobilly, this debut by The Gun Club establishes a distinct sound that’s quite unlike anything else that was being played at the time, and yet is instantly identifiable with the post punk movement by its thematic aggression.”