John Mayer Albums Ranked

John Clayton Mayer is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer. Famous for his special skills in guitar and his artistic pursuit for classy pop-rock songs, he has earned major chart success in the US and other countries. Known for both his solo career and his career with the ‘John Mayer Trio’ group, the knowledgeable musician has millions of fans across the globe. He picked up a guitar at the age of 13 and took lessons for two years. Then through his strong perseverance and determination, he started a career in music. His big break came when he performed at the ‘2000 South by Southwest Music Festival’ in Austin following which Aware Records signed him . The winner of seven Grammy Awards, he at times changed his musical styles and became successful across genres, establishing himself in contemporary rock and broadening his scope to incorporate the blues. TIME applauded him for his “vigorous voice texture, and emotional fearlessness”. Most of his albums are commercially successful and have been accredited multi-platinum. Here are all of John Mayer’s albums ranked.

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7. Born & Raised (2012)

“This 12-song, 2012 release, is the 5th studio album by the legendary artist, John Mayer. This album is so chill and cool, that it will leave you feeling high, no drugs involved. Mr. Mayer’s voice is so great and his guitar playing is top-tier, he’s one of my generation’s best! This CD is so great to play on repeat while doing household chores…it’ll keep you calm and happy. Some of the songs are definitely not ‘happy’, but the overall vibe is so pure, it comes straight from John’s soul, heart, and mind…just listen to this CD repeatedly, and you will understand what I mean.”

6. Paradise Valley (2013)

“I have a lot of respect for the way Mayer explores his musical boundaries. His music is never routine and can’t be easily classified. While I am first and foremost a blues fan, I am also a fan of the artist John Mayer is. I was pleasantly surprised by this CD. The songs feel introspective and, at times, very personal. Most of the songs are of the soft rock/folk variety, while others venture into old country territory.”

5. Heaver Things (2003)

“If you like Continuum, you will not be let down with Heavier Things. This is music, well worth the money and good for numerous plays. Although Daughters is the most recognizable song on the album, I really like Something’s Missing. Although I sensed at first listen that the quality/sound/recording was not as deep, vibrant and resounding as Continuum, (whether a matter of budget or recording style) the music is just as inviting and honest as ever; and it is John Mayer as you know and like him. I recommend this album as well worth the money and as worthy of being part of a collection of great music.”

4. The Search for Everything (2017)

“After the first listen I was unsure to say the least. After another go or two I was hooked! I’m definitely a Mayer fan and own all of his releases. At first I thought that this one was less inspired and merely “just putting something easily digested” out there. I quickly changed my tune. The artist is still growing and we need to remember to avoid imposing our own personal desires upon the artist. Not all “catchy” songs are the same. There is still a lot of depth here.”

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3. Battle Studies (2009)

“Though there are many songs I like on the album, and none I dislike, I do find the album to be a bit disjointed in a way. It doesn’t congeal like the other albums. It seems like the California Rock seed was planted, but wasn’t in full bloom. Isolated from the perspective of a concept album I think each song is for the most part is solid. However, together they don’t all match. Many do, but Assassins, one of the albums best tracks, doesn’t fit into the mood many of the other songs bring. I say he needed a bit more time to let the feel he was going for flourish.

Mayer has said himself that it’s not his best and that the culprit is that it is ultimately unfinished. That’s exactly how I feel when listening to this album as a whole.

Some bright spots within a slew of solid songs that I’d point to are; “Assassins,” his “Crossroads” cover, “Edge of Desire,” and a really nice deep track gem, “Do You Know Me.””

2. Room For Squares (2001)

“You know that feeling right out of college (or high school), when you’re grateful to be out, but scared to death at the same time cause you haven’t got it all figured out yet the way you hoped you would? For me, this CD pretty much encapsulates that feeling in one way or another. John Mayer’s reminds me a lot of how Dave Mathews might be if he create a CD while fresh out of school and suffering mid-twenties angst. “No Such Thing” is probably my favorite track, because it really does have that I-just-got-out-of-school-and-figuring-out-what-I-want-to-do-now feel.”

1. Continuum (2006)

“John Mayer’s 3rd studioalbum Continuum is without doubt his best work to date. No matter how great they are, his other albums do not even come close to the masterwork Continuum is.

John’s songwriting progressed a lot since Heavier Things and the result is even more beautiful (Dreaming With A Broken Heart), edgier (Belief) en sensitive (I’m Gonna Find Another You) than his earlier efforts.

Many people will recognize themselves in the social Waiting On The World To Change. Mayer takes a real risk with the Jimi Hendrix cover Bold As Love, plays with country influences on The Heart of Life and that guitarsolo on In Repair… Well, you just have to experience it.

But also songs as Stop This Train (which became my personal anthem), I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You), Slow Dancing In A Burning Room en fan favorite Gravity are pure goldmines. Vultures is my least favorite song on this record, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad one.”