The White Stripes Albums Ranked

The White Stripes released their self-titled debut album in June 1999. Their second studio album, the well-received De Stijl, followed in June 2000. The band’s third studio album, White Blood Cells, became their breakthrough album, receiving much acclaim while pushing the band to the forefront of alternative rock. They later signed to V2 Records and released their fourth studio album Elephant in April 2003. The band then released their fifth studio album Get Behind Me Satan in June 2005. The band’s sixth and final album, followed in June 2007. Icky Thump became the band’s highest-charting album on the Billboard 200, peaking at number two on the chart. The album also spawned the single “Icky Thump”, which peaked at number twenty-six on the Billboard Hot 100 and became a top ten hit in Canada and the United Kingdom. Here are all of The White Stripes albums ranked.

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6. The White Stripes (1999)

“This is the one you plug in and turn it up and play it as loud as you can because it is that good!!! This is one of those rare albums/groups that truly represent raw power and soul. And yeah, 2 people. This makes me think about how badly most of the trash music out there really is – 4, 5, and 6 people in a group, huh? That is like an orchestra. In fact, if you listen to mumford and sons, your testosterone will decrease so rapidly, you will develop breasts – if you are a guy and then, start liking Ryan Seacrest. God forbid. The WS are rock and roll. Loud, simple, thumping, banging rock. As raw and as pure as it gets. Period. Buy it. Plug it in, turn it. LOUD.”

5. De Stijl (2000)

“Jack and Meg may not make great lovers anymore, but the certainly make great music. This is maybe my favorite album by the White Stripes; just showing off just how versatile they are as a team. It’s actually somewhat incredible. “Death Letter” is a perfect blues ballad; “Why Can’t You Be Nicer to Me?”, while 100% Jack White, is almost Rolling Stones in tone. On the other hand, “Your Southern Can is Mine” is pure country and “A Boy’s Best Friend” is straightforward folk.”

4. White Blood Cells (2001)

“This album, along with “De Stijl”, proves that not only are The White Stripes here to stay but that they are true modern day legends. The Stripes prove once again that a duo can rock just as hard as any “full” band with their catchy and thought-provoking garage rock. Whereas other 5-star albums I’ve given received the rating due to either very interesting or very catchy songs, this one (and “White Blood Cells”) contains both which is very rare. Jack White shows once more that he has a great singing voice which perfectly matches the songs (he’s got a lot of charisma and charm). The lyrics are, once again, extremely well-written and quotable and they reward analyzation.”

3. Get Behind Me Satan (2005)

“Like a previous reviewer said, this new White Stripes album will make or break a true fan. Jack White traded in his pounding guitar for a piano and a marimba for most of these new songs, and he and Meg White consequently made the best and most accomplished record of their career so far. Fan reaction has been mixed – peppered with the usual “What happened to the guitars?” and “This is not what I was expecting”. This is sort of like when Dylan went electric or when Eurythmics went from synthesizers to guitars. But I say what makes a band great is their ability to transcend themselves – something even patron saints Nirvana never did (but may have had Kurt lived). “My Doorbell” is, in my opinion, the best single of the year so far. The album is a stunner from start to finish, with not a bad track in the bunch. If you have an open mind about the Stripes, you will most likely love this album. If you’re looking for another “Elephant” or “White Blood Cells”, this is not it.”

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2. Icky Thump (2007)

“As a child of the 80s, yet a 60s and 70s Rock fan I can say that the Stripes are leagues ahead of their peers in what they are doing with their sound. Very few bands (I.E. the Beatles, Led Zepplin) produce albums where I consistently listen to EVERY album. What makes them unique? First they obviously touch the roots of rock and roll by leaning on the blues a bit. Second, they take the blues and craft songs around the styles and make them their own. The White Stripes have been very successful for six albums in continuing to reinvent and invigorate their style of music without forgetting these roots. While the Stripes have nowhere near the sales of the aforementioned or others at this time, 20 years down the road who will be one of the legends of this time? My bet is on the Stripes.”

1. Elephant (2003)

“I’ve been a WS fan since De Stijl, and they just keep getting better and better. I love the variety of this album, from the 70’s inspired, hard rockin’ opening tune “Seven Nation Army” to the final track “It’s true that we love one another” which reminds me of an old Loretta Lynn tune. Jack sings a couple of lovely ballads (“I’ve got you in my pocket” is my fave, and Meg sings a sexy, minimalist song, “In the Cold Cold Night” which reminds me of “Fever”, the old standard that Madonna covered a few years back. There are some bluesy numbers, like “Ball and Biscuit” and then some more rockin numbers “Little Acorns” and “There’s no home for you here”. Then, a McCartney-esque tune, “I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself “.

With all of this variety, one would think it would be a disjointed mess, and just sound like the WS are trying to not be niched, but incredibly, the songs flow together perfectly.”