Katy Lied Songs Ranked

Katy Lied is the fourth studio album by American rock band Steely Dan, released in 1975 by ABC Records. It was certified gold and peaked at No. 13 on the US charts. The single “Black Friday” charted at No. 37. Band leaders Becker and Fagen were dissatisfied with the album’s sound quality because of an equipment malfunction with the then-new dbx noise reduction system. The group has claimed that the damage was mostly repaired after consulting with the engineers at dbx, but Fagen and Becker still refused to listen to the completed album. The album was reissued by MCA Records after ABC Records was acquired by MCA in 1979. Here are all of Katy Lied’s songs ranked.

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10. Throw Back the Little Ones

“The album is closed out nicely with “Throw Back the Little Ones”. Fagen’s lyrics are bouncy in delivery. The piano and production is sweet as always.”

9. Doctor Wu

“Doctor Wu” has one of the most addictive choruses on the album. This also has a very sophisticated feel to it; especially with the sweet saxophone (I think) solo.”

STEELY DAN Katy Lied reviews

8. Any World (That I’m Welcome To)

“Any World (That I’m Welcome To)” is a standout. It’s also an earlier demo reworked for “Katy Lied”, much like “Everyone’s Gone to the Movies”. It’s fairly simple in delivery, and is among the most effective. Michael McDonald’s vocals shine the brightest here.”

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7. Daddy Don’t Live in That New York City No More

“The driving beat and stellar rhythm guitar on “Daddy Don’t Live in That New York City No More” makes it a standout too. It ventures into a little more of a soul-blues-rock area.”

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6. Chain Lightning

“Chain Lightning” has a friendly blues swagger to it, and a very catchy chorus; pretty laid back for the most part. “Chain Lightning” has great groovy guitar work.”

5. Rose Darling

“Rose Darling” stands out nicely. It’s got a little more of a sophisticated feel to it. Fagen and Michael McDonald sing beautifully together as Dean Parks wails out a gnarly guitar solo.”

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4. Your Gold Teeth II

“Your Gold Teeth II” is different in texture to the first version (on the “Countdown to Ecstacy” album); the lyrics are just as unfathomable as the first song, but sways along pleasantly and comfortably.”

3. Bad Sneakers

“Bad Sneakers” is probably my favorite. The soothing melodic vocal hooks and choruses just reel you in (“And I’m going insane / And I’m laughing at the frozen rain”).”

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2. Everyone’s Gone to the Movies

“Everyone’s Gone To The Movies” is one of the group’s most brilliantly twisted tunes. It combines an infectious, vaguely Caribbean melody with lyrics that are warm, inviting, and innocent… at least, that’s how it may seem the first time you listen to it.”

1. Black Friday

“Black Friday” opens the album with a burst of thundering blues-rock, complete with greasy guitars and mean attitude. The lyrics, meanwhile, take a sly, sharp stab at shameless opportunism and economic chaos.”