Kongos Songs Ranked

Kongos (often styled as KONGOS) is a South African American band, now based in Phoenix, Arizona. The alternative rock group consists of four brothers: Dylan (vocals, bass guitar, guitar), Johnny (accordion, keyboards, vocals), Jesse (drums, percussion, vocals), and Daniel Kongos (guitar, vocals). On 16 November 2017, the band released the first installment of their new podcast, The Front Lounge, to be updated weekly. It was here they hinted towards the documentary of their lives on the road while touring for three years. The band officially announced the documentary, titled Bus Call, on 31 January 2018. On 5 February 2018, the band released the title of their fourth album, 1929, with no further information. They had been sharing photos and videos from their studio, hinting towards the album’s release on their social media pages. Here are all of Kongos songs ranked.

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10. As We Are (Lunatic, 2012)

“How can you not love a rock band that features an accordion – that gets solos in some songs – and it works, really well. Combine that with thumping beats, kick-ass guitar riffs, Burundi drums and a little bit of Reggae flavor, and you have the magic that is Kongos.”

9. It’s a Good Life (Lunatic, 2012)

“I love old fashion rock n’ roll. This new style of rock is superb. These guys know how to make music. They can all play, sing and write. Good for them! I love the substance and feel of the music. Lets hope they can continue with the quality.”

8. Kids These Days (Lunatic, 2012)

“This album is loud! It’s raw and fun and has a great flow from song to song. It’s easy to turn it on and listen to it from start to finish. Don’t expect to relax and chill to this, be prepared to be energized.”

Kongos – Lunatic (2014, CD) - Discogs

7. Take Me Back (Lunatic, 2012)

“This album represents the perfect combination of alternative rock, the best elements of South African rock, and simply masterful song-writing. These guys have it all going on. It appears that each can play multiple instruments and sing.”

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6. Traveling On (Lunatic, 2012)

“This seems like one of those albums that you can listen to without skipping a song. There are extremely varied sounds from song to song and even within songs. The lead singer’s voice is also very captivating. I think this may become one of my new favorite bands.

5. I Want to Know (Lunatic, 2012)

“The Brothers Kongos…….by far are the most talented brothers. To come along in a long time. All can sing………all can play many instruments. Great songwriters. Lunatic is an incredible album. Every song is good.

Egomaniac - Album by KONGOS | Spotify

4. Escape (Lunatic, 2012)

“Amazing, unique sound from four brothers. A little bit African rock, hints of reggae, tones of island music all with a crazy rock beat. Their music has been called folk music with nuts and I would agree with that. There isn’t a bad song on the entire album. These guys are extremely talented and they’re a fun band to follow on social media.”

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3. Hey I Don’t Know (Lunatic, 2012)

“This is the freshest band I’ve heard in a long time. Loved the beats and the mix of slide steel guitar and squeeze box. Number #1 on our play list for this summer!”

2. I’m Only Joking (Lunatic, 2012)

“Kongos offers a unique rock sound with the unconventional drum rhythms and the accordion. The four brothers show great promise. Looking forward to their next effort to see what they come up with next.”

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1. Come With Me Now (Lunatic, 2012)

“Started with the hit, “Come With Me Now,” then listened to snippets of the rest and bought the album. What a talented group!!! Not your usual rockers. Yes, there is a pounding beat (and I can’t stop dancing!) — but there is also unusual instrumentation, African and Eastern influences, meaningful lyrics, a unique sound. LOVE KONGOS!!!”