Kvelertak Songs Ranked

Kvelertak is a Norwegian heavy metal band from Stavanger, formed in 2007. The group comprises vocalist Ivar Nikolaisen, guitarists Vidar Landa, Bjarte Lund Rolland, and Maciek Ofstad, bassist Marvin Nygaard and drummer Håvard Takle Ohr. Founding member and lead singer Erlend Hjelvik left the group in 2018, being replaced by Ivar Nikolaisen. Most of Kvelertak’s songs have Norwegian lyrics, and their main influences are rock and roll and punk rock The band’s self-titled debut album was released in 2010 and sold more than 15,000 copies in Norway. The second album, Meir, was released in 2013, followed by Nattesferd in 2016 and Splid in 2020. Splid was the band’s first album with Ivar Nikolaisen on lead vocals. Here are all of the Kvelertak songs ranked.

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10. Nattesferd (Nattesferd, 2016)

“Kvelertak continue with their fiery brand of classic rock infused punk and metal tunes with a black metal flair. It should come as no surprise to anyone who has ever listened to this band that the sonic party is back in full effect!”

9. Undertro (Meir, 2013)

“Seriously, it’s just as rocking and in your face as the previous album, but with a bit more melody and some seriously tasty riffs. Still unrelenting and still demanding your attention, they also show a bit more musicianship on this album, and features some of my current favorite songs. This is an easy recommendation for classic rock, hard rock, stoner rock,and metal fans alike.”

8. MJØD (Kvelertak, 2010)

“I have loved this band since i heard their self-titled album back in 2010. This one is an evolution of their sound, more rock n’ roll oriented and with great catchy tunes in every song.”

Kvelertak – Kvelertak (2011, CD) - Discogs

7. Trepan (Meir, 2013)

“It’s a sonic rock n’ roll mixed with black metal influences from start to finish. While the lyrics aren’t in English, I find it to be a bonus for this band because you’re able to focus on all the complexities that is going on in the music.”

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6. Kvelertak (Kvelertak, 2010)

“The mix of rock styles that they incorporate into the music is awesome. And they do it so seamlessly. They make playing the mind blowing rock music look easy. And you can tell they are having fun doing it.”

5. Blodtørst (Kvelertak, 2010)

“Imagine some really grim, trve and evil Norwegian black metalists playing funny punky rock’n’roll in nearest pub and singing about drinking blood.”

Meir - Album by Kvelertak | Spotify

4. Ordsmedar Av Rang (Kvelertak, 2010)

“This one is an intense listen, both due to its heavy speed, addicted guitar riffs and group shouts and of course them hooks. The foreign language actually makes this one much better. There isnt a whole lot of diversity going on, but thats different than saying that everysong sounds the same, the songwriting is actually good enought that it feels that each song feels unique.”

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3. Ulvetid (Kvelertak, 2010)

“Ulvetid fuses the black metal with their sound flawlessly with the smooth addition of tremolo picking and speedy bass to snare/hi-hat drumming, which both complements and compliments the original riff which although containing the odd minor chord still sounds heavily raucous; I would happily slap someone in the face at the speed of light to this tune, probably my favourite off the album as a whole”

2. Sultans of Satan (Kvelertak, 2010)

“Sultans of Satan has a hella memorable chanting chorus, with an unexpected interlude that sounds uncannily (most probably intentionally) like Stone Free / Foxy Lady / Fire / Manic Depression. Not to mention the drumming is brilliantly gorgeous on that track with a very rich but not excessive variety in timbre.”

Splid - Album by Kvelertak | Spotify

1. Bruane Brenn (Meir, 2013)

“I’m always looking for new and interesting metal/rock music and these guys blew me away with the first listen. Very fun Rock n Roll album with heavy Black Metal influences. Really digging these guys right now. I have no idea what they are saying, but it sounds pretty cool when it goes into my earballs, so I’m with it.”