Lady Gaga Songs Ranked

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (born March 28, 1986), known professionally as Lady Gaga, is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. She is known for her consistent image reinventions and versatility in both music and entertainment. Gaga began performing as a teenager, singing at open mic nights, and acting in school plays. She studied at Collaborative Arts Project 21, through New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, before dropping out to pursue a career in music. When Def Jam Recordings canceled her contract, she worked as a songwriter for Sony/ATV Music Publishing, where she signed a joint deal with Interscope Records and Akon’s label, KonLive Distribution, in 2007. She rose to prominence the following year with her debut album The Fame and its chart-topping singles “Just Dance” and “Poker Face”. The album was later reissued to include the EP The Fame Monster (2009), which yielded the singles “Bad Romance”, “Telephone”, and “Alejandro”. Here are all of Lady Gaga’s songs ranked.

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20. Million Reasons (Joanne, 2016)

“This is my favorite song in the whole entire world, I do find it to be her most underrated song. It’s so beautiful in the vocals, instrumentals and the lyrics. It’s perfect”

19. Hair (Born This Way, 2011)

“Just wonderful. Simply amazing. Magical at the piano… The reason I fell in love with it, then because of hearing it acoustically, the studio version becomes a favorite.”

18. Gypsy (Artpop, 2013)

“Amazing! The lyrics, the tune, everything is perfect in this song, it deserves to have a higher place in the list, one of her best by far, “I’m a man without a home, but I think with you I could spend my life, And you’ll be my little gypsy princess, Pack your bags and we can chase the sunset, Bust the rearview and fire up the jets cause it’s you and me”

17. Scheisse (Born This Way, 2011)

“The chorus is SO catchy, and love her message. This was a very bold song and I wish it was more known. Why is this not on to?! “I wish I could be strong without somebody there, I wish I could dance without a single fare! ” This song CAN and IS someone who needs no other to help it be in an album. What it would have been a great single.”

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16. Do What U Want (Artpop, 2013)

“This is just her BEST song ever, the tune, the vocals, everything is PERFECT in this song, also the collaboration with R. Kelly is so amazing, but I personally prefer the one with Christina Aguilera.. AMAZING Gaga just amazing this is your best song, I don’t even know how to describe it, it’s just PERFECT, that song fulls my ears of musical ice-cream and chocolate”

15. Dance in the Dark (The Fame Monster, 2008)

“This song is my favorite by Lady Gaga. It’s very catchy and exciting, and has a message that just fills my heart with happiness. It’s good to know that someone cares about abuse, and she put it in a beautiful song.”

14. Speechless (The Fame Monster, 2008)

“I love this song. I love watching her live versions of this song because she has such a beautiful voice and great vocal control. I love the emotion in this song and every part of it. We are missing a couple of songs on this list. I love her song from her new movie, “A Star is Born”, “Is That Alright? “. I want to use it at my wedding. “

13. Marry the Night (Born This Way, 2011)

“Favorite Lady Gaga song. Completely love the meaning behind the lyrics. She aced the intro to the song on the music video. Just wish the actual musical intro on the music video (while Gaga was climbing into the car) was how the album version began too. The music video is so fitting. I love the fashion and choreography, especially the massive hats!”

12. LoveGame (The Fame, 2008)

“Lady Gaga totally killed it. Her vocals on this song plus the infectious beat make this a perfect party track, especially with the very entertaining subject matter.”

11. You and I (Born This Way, 2011)

“This is by far my favorite Gaga song because in this one, she doesn’t sound weird. We can actually relate to the lyrics and the tune is catchy while showing off her beautiful voice. If this song doesn’t show off her great voice, I don’t know what other song would.”

10. Applause (Artpop, 2013)

“The incredible amount of artistic aspects in this song and video is stunning. So much symbolism used in the video and in the lyrics. When Lady Gaga exclaims “I live for the Applause” she is trying to convey her appreciation for her fans, how they keep her motivated.”

9. Alejandro (The Fame Monster, 2008)

“Lady Gaga manages to create a feel completely different than her other hits with Alejandro. The song is greatly rhythmic and brilliantly catchy and Lady Gaga surprisingly manages to pull of the Spanish accent’

8. Judas (Born This Way, 2011)

“Honestly this song is almost prolific. It’s about overcoming mean people ( according to an interview I saw with gaga) and it’s also in pace with the times. It talks about how society is changing it also talks about her love and desire which are so prominent it’s almost blasphemy to say you can not hear her lust flow out of her voice. “

7. Telephone (The Fame Monster, 2008)

“One of the best, and most interesting songs of her’s! One of my favorites! She really rocked this song, and then the Beyonce part ties it all together! And the end is a bonus! Great job Lady Gaga, I could listen to this song all day!”

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6. Just Dance (The Fame, 2008)

“Just Dance is really catchy, and one of Gaga’s simplest songs, making it that much more fun to dance and sing along to. Definitely club worthy.”

5. Born This Way (Born This Way, 2011)

“To be honest I absolutely love ever song that gaga has ever released. She is amazing and knows exactly how to write a song like no other and still make it a song that all her little monsters love! This song was a milestone for her as it allowed her to almost speak directly to all of the people who feel put down for whatever reason no matter what your sexual orientation. It was the first single from her solid album of the same name and this whole album really spoke to a lot of people including me. It was defiantly a set forward in her career. It is a song that makes everyone feel special because we were born this way!”

4. The Edge of Glory (Born This Way, 2011)

“This song from Lady Gaga has the vibe of an old Miley Cyrus dance song & a powerful flashback about the past + messages about hope & glory. It has a perfect pattern for such a song & was inspired by her grandfather who passed away beforehand. It teaches us glory even in the midst of the worst times & is amongst her greatest songs of all time yet far better than any of today’s songs of her’s”

3. Paparazzi (The Fame, 2008)

“This song never gets old! I love it. This is probably the best song of hers and I hope she continues writing songs. They are amazing. She is a gifted person and she needs to continue using her gift! I hope I continue to here her songs for a long time.”

2. Poker Face (The Fame, 2008)

“I have very good memories of this song, I haven’t heard a better song, from the moment I heard Poker Face. My all time favorite song, and I’m sure its her most successful and popular song also, I mean this was the song when everyone knew its Lady Gaga.”

1. Bad Romance (The Fame Monster, 2009)

“Musically Bad Romance is Gaga at her best. Conceptually original, anchored in counter-culture themes and focusing around the destructive nature of desire Gaga explores the Freudian drives towards sex and death. This song does not have a message, Gaga is not preaching, she is exploring the darkness of the human psyche, a theme that is all too often overlooked in modern pop. Although she is often criticised as derivative and something of an attention seeking controversialist, you have to admit, she does it with more style, substance and aplomb than any before her.”