LCD Soundsystem Songs Ranked

LCD Soundsystem is an American rock band from Brooklyn, New York, formed in 2002 by James Murphy, co-founder of DFA Records. The band comprises Murphy (vocals, various instruments), Nancy Whang (synthesizer, keyboards, vocals), Pat Mahoney (drums), Rayna Russom (synthesizer), Tyler Pope (bass, guitar, synthesizer), Al Doyle (guitar, synthesizer, percussion), Matt Thornley (guitar, synthesizer, percussion), and Korey Richey (synthesizer, piano, percussion). They are currently signed to both DFA and Columbia Records. After a series of rumors hinting at a possible band reunion, LCD Soundsystem released the single “Christmas Will Break Your Heart” in December 2015, making it their first single in five years. LCD Soundsystem later confirmed their reunion and announced an expanded tour, including appearances at several high-profile music festivals, as well as a new studio album. American Dream, their fourth album, was released in September 2017. It went on to become their first number-one album in the United States. The album was nominated for Best Alternative Music Album at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards and the single “Tonite” won for Best Dance Recording. Here are all of LCD Soundsytem songs ranked.

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15. All I Want (This Is Happening, 2010)

“All I Want” transcends mere party music and, with a guitar line which nostalgically conjures up the mood and sound of David Bowie’s ” Heroes” creates one of these years most touching and beautiful musical moments and it feels like a song which has always been part of the musical map, a song which has universal appeal and true magic to it.”

14. Us V Them (Sound of Silver, 2007)

“The songs on here tend to be on the longer side, but they never get boring despite being so repetitive, because the band’s always adding in or taking elements away from a foundation that already sounds great on its own. A nice example of this would be “Us V Them”, with its driving bass groove that I could easily enjoy listening to on its own for its eight minutes of runtime. You’ll get small breaks here or there, and some catchy mantras were thrown over it, but it doesn’t divert from that groove.

13. Losing My Edge (LCD Soundsystem, 2005)

“Although the combined running time of these two tracks is only sixteen minutes, they manage to recapture the playful spirit of the Factory Records acts no one has ever heard of (Quando Quango and Yazoo, anyone?) and Arthur Russell’s art disco. Amazingly, they channel this wild, bottled energy through the deadpan voice of James Murphy, who skewers old scenesters on the hilarious and disturbingly accurate “Losing My Edge” just before he turns the knife on the younger generation with “Beat Connection”, where he repeats his critique on indie rock kids like a sad mantra over a jittery, irregular beat. This is like some sort of postmodern concept album – its dance music about rock music, which is really creepy once you realize that before this dance music never seemed to be _about_ anything, besides the party itself.”

12. North American Scum (45:33, 2006)

“This single feels like three separate tracks unified only by the fact that all three use a “North American!” vocal sample. Both remixes don’t have a lot to do with the original, which is, in my opinion, a good thing. The album version is fun at first, but gets boring rather quickly to the point of being mildly annoying. For the DJ looking to spice up his set however, the Kris Menace Mix offers a journey into space with great synth melodies and a disco beat, while the B-Side goes into a similar direction, though with harder drums and a dirty electro bassline. “

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11. You Wanted a Hit (This Is Happening, 2010)

“The 9-minute “You Wanted A Hit” is again a very long and very tame track, which tries to be sarcastic, but fails, exactly because it’s so tame and so very long (this could be a Bronski Beat b-side).”

10. Pow Pow (This Is Happening, 2010)

“This song is ridiculous. It’s too much fun and the sounds are awesome and I can’t think of anything outside of LCD like it. It comes off smart and bratty at the same time, which is unusual but all is forgiven because it’s all over the place and everywhere it goes is awesome. “

9. Home (This Is Happening, 2010)

“The album’s closer, “Home”, has a soaring vocal line which suggests that Murphy is pushing his voice into territories he has never strayed into before and has become more than just a witty and original lyricist and discovered he is a singer with an ear for a life affirming melody.”

8. I Can Change (This Is Happening, 2010)

“The song that finally made me an unconditional fan of the group. I already had time collecting some of his singles from his two previous albums but this was the one that invited me to listen to all his material again.”

7. New York, I Love You, But You’re Bringing Me Down (Sound of Silver, 2007)

“Sound of Silver, an lp many declare to be the best of LCD Soundsystems career, is an essential step for the group. Not only because it helped solidify their significance with consciously sharp written songs like New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down, but also because of the territory it treads in the dance music genre.”

6. Tribulations (LCD Soundsystem, 2005)

“The original track is one of the best songs of the past year, so it has to be a real challenge for the remixers. The takes by Tiga and Lindstrom are ok but they loose against the greatness of the original.”

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5. Someone Great (Sound of Silver, 2007)

“This is probably my favorite single of 2007. It mines one of the oldest and most common themes in pop music- love lost- but it is delivered with such emotional honesty that it sounds completely new. There is also an interesting tension between the rather cold-sounding electronic arrangement and the hearts on sleeve lyrics. But the absolute masterstroke is the xylophone. It is a stunningly effective and unexpected touch.”

4. Drunk Girls (This Is Happening, 2010)

“This is tongue in cheek, which is always going to divide people. I don’t think it was intended as a song about the joys of picking up drunk girls, but if it is ironic, what or who exactly is the subject of the satire? It isn’t sufficiently clear, which is why it has proven so divisive with fans. Perhaps, just for once, LCD Soundsystem have been too smart for their own good.”

3. Daft Punk is Playing at My House (LCD Soundsystem, 2005)

“In which James Murphy and Co. treat the issue of being ‘cool’ in a typically Gen-X way, pretending to be offhand and dismissive, while secretly craving it.”

2. All My Friends (Sound of Silver, 2007)

“There are a few singles that I have heard that have made my mouth drop, and this is one of them. Every time I listen to Sound of Silver, and Someone Great (the song before All my Friends on the album, and also one of my all time favorite songs) comes on, I am taken aback, and convince myself that it is as good as All my Friends. And then All my Friends comes on. This song is perhaps the best song I have ever heard, and unlike it’s subject matter, it will never age.”

1. Dance Yrself Clean (This Is Happening, 2010)

“Opening gambit “Dance Yrself Clean” is a slow builder which starts off quietly so as to invite the listener to turn up the volume and then kicks in with a massive keyboard sound that gets the party underway at glass worryingly high volumes before it calms down again and allows Murphy a chance to draw our attention to a colossally bad drum fill which is almost comic in its execution.”