Let It Be Songs Ranked

Let It Be is the twelfth and final studio album by the English rock band the Beatles. It was released on 8 May 1970, almost a month after the group’s break-up, in tandem with the motion picture of the same name. Like most of the band’s previous releases, the album topped record charts in many countries, including both the US and the UK. However, the critical response was generally unfavourable, and Let It Be came to be regarded as one of the most controversial rock albums in history. Get Back was ultimately assembled under the title of Let It Be by the American producer Phil Spector in early 1970. He omitted “Don’t Let Me Down” (the B-side of the “Get Back” single) and instead included a 1968 take of “Across the Universe”. Spector also included excerpts of studio chatter and applied orchestral and choir overdubs to four tracks. The additions offended McCartney, particularly in the case of “The Long and Winding Road”. In 2003, McCartney spearheaded Let It Be… Naked, an alternative mix of Let It Be that removes Spector’s embellishments. Here are all of the Let It Be songs ranked.

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13. Don’t Let Me Down

“‘Don’t Let Me Down’, is a great little tune with interesting screaming vocals by Lennon and McCartney. The chorus is very powerful and probably the best part, while the rest of the song sounds a tad unfinished. Luckily, Preston’s keys help fill it out. It’s a shame this wasn’t included on the ‘Let it Be’ album, I think it would’ve fit well.”

12. Maggie Mae

“This album causes a weird range of emotions in me. I love a good deal of the songs, but I can barely handle hearing the Beatles as they are falling apart at the seams. I feel as though I should give it a better rating-seeing that its better than most of the junk out there-but compared to other Beatles albums this one falls a little behind. Still recommended.”

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11. Dig It

“Phenomenal song, the musicality and ingenious chord progression that blend flawlessly with John’s soaring vocals and Preston’s mighty rock organ works so well with the perfectly timed chorus and intervals with the chugging drums that enthrone the time signature pattern that fits so perfectly with the twanging guitar and bass that overlaps the rhythm guitar to create a flawless wall of sound with masterfully produces stereo panning that truly makes this song the best 50 seconds of musical wonder and greatness that I have ever set my ears on”

10. For You Blue

“‘For You Blue’, is a nice bouncy little slide blues number. The song sounds a bit unfinished, but that is also the charm of it. This song took a little while to grow on me, but it did and I really dig it. George Harrison’s vocals are good, and the song doesn’t overstay its welcome, a very well rounded single.”

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9. Dig a Pony

“Dig a Pony” is an indescribable track. It progresses from a ballad like feel to a more upbeat one. George Harrison delivers with a clean guitar solo that evolves some of the melodies from the vocals into something more. Overall it is an above average track that is more enjoyable when listened to in the context of the album.”

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8. One After 909

“Most of the tracks in “Let it Be” are more enjoyable in the context of the album and this is no exception. “One After 909” is probably the most up beat song in the album and features John and Paul singing in unison in many parts. This gives it a good unique touch. This is a good solid song overall.”

7. I Me Mine

“I Me Mine” is written solely by George on “Let it Be”. George did make a good contribution to the album with this song but it is nothing compared to some of his work prior (“Something”, “Taxman”). “I Me Mine” is relatively short, it progresses from a slower pace first verse into a quicker chorus and this continues for the remainder of the song.”

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6. The Long and Winding Road

“The Long and Winding Road” is one of the best tracks on “Let it Be” and one of the best tracks in The Beatles’ career. Paul is truly wonderful. His tone is perfect, and the strings, backing vocals, and bass compliment this flawlessly.”

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5. Two of Us

“This is an incredibly unwell known song from The Beatles and it really is a shame. “Two of Us” can be ranked with other great ballads from The Beatles like “In My Life”or “Something”. This song has an excellent vocal harmony, something The Beatles are notorious for. This song opens the album and sets a very emotional mood that is carried on throughout the album.”

4. I’ve Got a Feeling

“I’ve Got a Feeling” contains good vocal performances from both John and Paul but more so for Paul. He shows his power in this song. This is a song that makes you think The Beatles knew this would be their last album but that is obviously not the case. Overall this is a superb song.”

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3. Get Back

“Get Back” really is nothing special. As an album closer it really isn’t special either. It doesn’t cap the album off at all like closer have done in prior Beatles albums. As a normal song it isn’t bad.”

2. Let It Be

“Let it Be” is perfect up until the title track. Following that point it just goes downhill (not including “The Long and Winding Road”). Overall this is an above average album. For some it may be magnificent for others it could be abysmal, but in general most would rate this above average. This is a must have for any Beatles fan.”

1. Across the Universe

“Across the Universe” is one of the more notable tracks of the album. “Across the Universe” is one of The Beatles best ballads. Although it does get overshadowed by the likes of “Hey Jude”, “Let it Be”, and others, it certainly measures up to them. An excellent lyrical performance by John is topped off by a great vocal melody.”