Live Like You Were Dying Songs Ranked

“Live Like You Were Dying” is a song recorded by American country music artist Tim McGraw, and was the lead single from his eighth album of the same name (2004). It was written by the songwriting team of Tim Nichols and Craig Wiseman. The duo crafted the song based on family and friends who learned of illnesses (cancers), and how they often had a new perspective on life upon learning they had limited time. They decided to write a song based on the concept, hoping that it might inspire someone in such a situation. The song’s lyrics center on experiencing life to its fullest, while also becoming a better person. Here are all of Live Like You Were Dying songs ranked.

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10. We Carry On

“A beautiful finish to this album. It’s very well-written, telling stories of unfortunate men and women and how we all carry on with our lives. Holds special meaning to me. Another one of my favorites.”

9. Do You Want Fries With That

“This has to be one of the funniest, most entertaining songs I’ve listened to in a long time. Written from the point of view of a man behind the drive-in window of a fast-food restaurant, it’s telling about the man on the other side of the window who’s living the life he once did. Great chorus and verses, very entertaining! Definitely one of my favorites!!”

Tim McGraw - Tim McGraw Live Like You Were Dying - Music

8. Blank Sheet of Paper

“A very different song, written from the point of view of a piece of paper on which a man is writing a letter, without much success. True to form. Very nice song.”

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7. Everybody Hates Me

“Great fun song! Love the lyrics, they’re great! Tells how he wants to be so high up in life that everyone hates him because they’re so jealous. Very real and true!”

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6. Something’s Broken

” Lost a star here for some rough patches in the lyrics, at least I thought so. Nice story told there though, unable to figure out what’s quite wrong. Still a great song.”

5. Back When

“Picks up the pace again on the album. I can’t help but relate to this as it tells so perfectly how times have changed. People have changed, times have changed, as has the way we talk. Love the chorus. Something that sticks in your head for awhile…in a good way.”

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4. Live Like You Were Dying

“The first song I heard off this album. The story hits close to home as well in this one. It’s an amazing tribute and sung with a touching passion.”

3. Can’t Tell Me Nothin’

“Brings me back to some older Tim songs; a true-to-heart story of a stubborn young man. Very nice sentiments — nicely done. Very easy to relate to; beautiful words and nice musical background.”

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2. How Bad Do You Want It

“Great starting track! Starts off with an old western feel, the faded voice a great touch. Turns into a fun song that doesn’t let you down!”

1. Walk Like a Man

“A very touching, sad song about a father who loses control as a result of drinking. The chorus is very sad but well-written, replaying the words of the mother in a ‘like father, like son’ wording.”