Loaded Songs Ranked

Loaded is the fourth studio album by American rock band the Velvet Underground, released in November 1970 by Atlantic Records’ subsidiary label Cotillion. Despite having a number of singles originate from it, the album itself failed to chart. It was the final album recorded featuring founding member and main songwriter Lou Reed, who left shortly before its release. Other founding members Sterling Morrison and Maureen Tucker would leave in 1971. For this reason, it is often considered by fans to be the “last” Velvet Underground album. It has retrospectively gained positive reception; Loaded was ranked number 110 in 2012, and later ranked number 242 in 2020, on Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 greatest albums of all time. Here are all of Loaded songs ranked.

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10. Lonesome Cowboy Bill

“A country flavoured rock song. Sort of sounds like something which could have featured on The Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper” album (or their ‘White’ album). Has backing vocals and piano.”

9. Train Round the Bend

“(I’m assuming I’ve marked this track down as one of the best…otherwise I’m looking at a blotch on my notes…looking at the You Tube for this song ages after posting this review, I’m inclined to think it’s just a speck on my notes and not a mark indicating an interesting song!) an interesting, experimental sounding country folk-rock type song. Bassy, piano, Dylan-esque vocals (with that man’s ticks as well), also features a throbbing synthesiser sound…like electric crickets.”

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8. Cool It Down

“The dual lead vocals. It’s sort of like hearing Lou and the lead singer of Pixies together. Country flavour, with an accoustic guitar coupled with an electric guitar. Piano features. The Pixies type bits are a little catchy.”

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7. New Age

“New age – has vaguely Pink Floyd guitars (a la “Wish you were here”) – slow, laid back, but country style. There is an odd, ethereal sounding piano…sort of sounds like it is playing in a distant tank or something! Has backing vocals.”

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6. I Found a Reason

“A pleasant, soothing, mellow country flavoured song. At times there are nice harmonies to this song. One guitar has a “Zombie” type vibe to it (the classic Cranberries’ song), which is pretty. There’s a 1950s style ‘rap’ bit to this song too. This song is sort of like a lullaby…with a touch of “People get ready” to it.”

5. Head Held High

“Notable for the element of drums, which are good. The intro reminded me of Enya. A rock song with thumping drums later. Has a country flavoured lead guitar. Catchy chorus, hand-claps and has backing vocals. There is a keyboard and the vibe of the song is quite catchy.”

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4. Who Loves the Sun

“The intro has unintentional distortion, I think. Whimsical lyrics…sort of a George Harrison/Beatles type song. Drums are again on the L.H.S. Backing vocals bring to mind The Mamas & The Papas. Breezy song, with accoustic guitar.”

3. Oh! Sweet Nuthin

“A pleasant, light country rock. Later on in the song there are waves of machine gun fire like drumming. The drums are on the left hand speaker. The drumming and lead guitar work stand out on this song. A little bit of the guitar lick on this track reminds me of “Romeo’s tune”. Has backing vocals and a guy with a light voice sings…not Lou Reed, in other words. 7:23 long.”

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2. Sweet Jane

“It has a quirky intro, perhaps Oriental in style…John Lennon’s classic “Beautiful boy” is brought to mind. Not a bad riff on the accoustic guitar…simple, yet catchy. Bernard Fanning’s “Wish you well” is evoked by the strumming of the guitar on this track. Lou Reed sings on this track. Again, some Bob Dylan type mannerisms are demonstrated…Lou chuckles to himself during this song…just like The Bob does.”

1. Rock & Roll

“Lou sings. Ironic title. Has some backing vocals. Light, breezy accoustic guitar with a strumming riff. “Rock & Roll” is one of the two best-known Velvet Underground songs off _Loaded_.”