Local Natives Songs Ranked

Local Natives is an American indie rock band based in Silver Lake, Los Angeles. The band consists of Taylor Rice (vocals, guitar), Kelcey Ayer (vocals, keyboards, guitar), Ryan Hahn (guitar, backing vocals), Matt Frazier (drums), and Nik Ewing (bass). Their debut album, Gorilla Manor, was first released in the UK in November 2009, and later released in the US on February 16, 2010. The album received mostly positive reviews and debuted on the Billboard 200 and at No. 3 in the New Artist Chart. Their second album, Hummingbird, was released in January 2013. Their third album, Sunlit Youth, was released in September 2016. Their fourth album, Violet Street, was released in April 2019. Here are all of the Local Natives songs ranked.

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12. When Am I Gonna Lose You (Violet Street, 2019)

“The song isn’t titled “Am I Gonna Lose You”. It’s “When Am I Gonna Lose You”. Because “losing you” is an inevitable fate and there’s no point in trying to fight it. There’s no number of archangel choirs or Santa Lucia cliffsides that can stop it from happening.”

11. Wooly Mammoth (Hummingbird, 2013)

“What makes this song a highlight is the deranged, erratic drumming and outstanding refrain. There’s also a left-field moment where all sounds leave except synths.”

10. Wide Eyes (Gorilla Manor, 2009)

“I love this song! I discovered them thanks to Austin City Limits Live, and Wide Eyes hit me right away! It is a haunting piece, layers of guitars and fast drums…blended with their voices, they create a sense of urgency, of panic! I would not recommend watching the video on YouTube right away, ( it has paranoid, creepy undertones!) listen to the music first! It is so beautiful, full of nostalgia, a deep sense of loss, an urgency to fight the last fight against something that can’t be named, irreparable damages…”

Gorilla Manor - Album by Local Natives | Spotify

9. Ellie Alice (Sunlit Youth, 2016)

“Phoenix should do a cover of this. The rhythm and lyrics are so Phoenix, and I hear Thomas’ voice perfectly. I think they’d make this great song their own.”

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8. Sun Hands (Orion Way, 2007)

“I guess they would consider this track Indie Folk, Indie Rock. It has a driving pulsating beat, and then it has a folkish glow to it, with the sound of Indie Rock. The lyrics or about his son or something. Its T Bone time.”

7. Cubism Dream (Barnstormer I – Riverhouse Barn (Coon Rapids, IA), 2009)

“I think this song is about a relationship that became separated by distance for an extended period of time, whether it be touring or studying abroad. And how it started off great with just webcamming each other, but being away for such a while took a toll, and they soon ran into jealousy issues (i make a friend, i make you sick could you even imagine a kiss?) It seems as they also ran out of things to talk about, and just began to have meaningless conversations.”

Local Natives: Violet Street Album Review | Pitchfork

6. Ceilings (Hummingbird, 2013)

“I was watching a podcast and Taylor introduced this song saying something like the song is about staring up at your ceiling when you’re laying in bed at night.”

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5. Colombia (Hummingbird, 2013)

“My absolute favorite song on this album is Colombia. It’s a touching and sorrowful tribute to the main singer’s mother’s death, which was also in a hospital. The lyrics also makes significant the album name, Hummingbird. Colombia is instantaneously relatable and memorable to me: I mean, I lost my mom, I wonder if she left life thinking I was a good son, I’ve spent nights pondering those questions. I’m sure a lot of us have.”

4. Bowery (Hummingbird, 2013)

“The closing track ‘Bowery’ is also beautiful, using its hollow production technique as a tool to bring a huge climax into striking distance.”

Album Review: Local Natives - Hummingbird / Releases / Releases // Drowned  In Sound

3. Heavy Feet (Hummingbird, 2013)

“Even from the single “Heavy Feet” its apparent that the pain he endures from this love is greater than the pleasure he receives from it, but can’t help from enduring it because this is the nature of love.”

2. Airplanes (Barnstormer I – Riverhouse Barn (Coon Rapids, IA), 2009)

“Pretty enjoyable indie folk song. Took me a while to understand it since it first it sounded too boring. But after a while the great melodies revealed itself to me and the singing became really catchy. Good lyrics as well. Overall, great indie folk single.”

1. Mt. Washington (Hummingbird, 2013)

“‘Mt. Washington’ is the best track here as far as I’m concerned. In fact, I’d say it’s the only track which breaks the mold at all. It’s not stylistically different, it’s just really good. It’s the only track I can still see myself listening to in a few weeks time.”