Bombay Bicycle Club Albums Ranked

Bombay Bicycle Club is an English indie rock band from Crouch End, London, consisting of Jack Steadman, Jamie MacColl, Suren de Saram, and Ed Nash. They are guitar-fronted and have experimented with different genres, including folk, electronica, world music, and indie rock. The band was given the opening slot on 2006’s V Festival after winning a competition. They subsequently released two EPs and their debut single “Evening/Morning”. Since then, the band has released five albums including So Long, See You Tomorrow which topped the album charts in February 2014. The band has toured worldwide as a headlining act, playing North America, Australia, Europe, and Asia. In January 2016, the four members announced that they would pursue solo projects. Ed Nash recorded music under the name Toothless and released his debut album in early 2017. Frontman Jack Steadman, under the name Mr. Jukes, released his debut album in 2017. Here are all of Bombay Bicycle Club albums ranked.

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5. Everything Else Has Gone Wrong, 2020

Everything Else Has Gone Wrong - Album by Bombay Bicycle Club | Spotify

“Of Bombay Bicycle Club’s first 4 albums, it was record number 3, “A Different Kind of Fix” that I liked the most and having recently revisited their back catalogue, this remains the case. I think it is because it’s the album where they are making the least amount of effort to tap into a specific scene. “Everything Else Has Gone Wrong” has a similar vibe. It’s unmistakably a Bombay Bicycle Club album and is easy to criticise if you don’t like the band. If you do like them then it’s equally easy to pick out things to enjoy from this collection.”

4. Flaws, 2010

Bombay Bicycle Club - Flaws Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius

“This album is probably overlooked due to the fact that it is so different to other BBC albums. Core fans rate the other albums higher, and another potential audience is missing out because they won’t be looking to this band for high-quality acoustic folk music. That’s a shame. The songs are good and the playing is excellent and varied. The production is stripped back and basic. Traffic is audible on Flaws which is ironic.”

3. So Long, See You Tomorrow, 2014

Bombay Bicycle Club: So Long, See You Tomorrow Album Review | Pitchfork

“BBC manages to blend together a good variety into one bubbling pot, and the outcome is a very pleasant fresh sounding indie pop album. The material is highly melodic, very balanced and quite catchy. In fact the catchiness is what brings this up, and actually, this works well for both the mainstream-minded as for those with more selective interest in music. Well written, and this might actually be something on the verge of hitting it bigtime.”

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2. A Different Kind Of Fix, 2011

Bombay Bicycle Club: A Different Kind of Fix Album Review | Pitchfork

“I did not manage to fully explore all the delights of the album, this is its main charm (sorry for the pun), because there is a feeling that it was created for the last beach gatherings this year, followed by the heavy leaden sky of the city and gray shabby walls faceless high-rise buildings. It was tested on the beach, but nature has not yet had time to give us the gloom of heaven, so other sensations have yet to be experienced.”

1. I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose, 2009

Bombay Bicycle Club - I Had the Blues But I Shook Them Loose Artwork (1 of  11) |

“This is a reasonably strong indie pop/rock debut – its got nice guitar work, nice vocals, good dynamics on the songs, is well recorded and slickly produced and all of this helps bring the raw material up a notch. The songs are only averagely good (as we see with the stripped down follow up “Flaws”) but its the shine and the layers put on the songs that make them a success. Opener “Emergency Contraception Blues” is the albums most interesting track and also the highlight of the record. “Evening/Morning” is another nice track. Other than that there are plenty of decent tracks but not many that I come back to repeatedly. There is obviously talent present within the group but the fruit of their labours vary in quality depending on the bands level of focus”