Lorde Songs Ranked

Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor (born 7 November 1996), known professionally as Lorde (pronounced “lord”), is a New Zealand singer and songwriter. Taking inspiration from aristocracy for her stage name, she is known for employing unconventional musical styles and introspective songwriting. Born in the Auckland suburb of Takapuna and raised in neighboring Devonport, Lorde expressed interest in performing at local venues in her early teens. She signed with Universal Music Group in 2009 and collaborated with producer Joel Little in 2011 to start recording material. Lorde’s music is primarily electropop and contains elements of subgenres such as dream pop and indie-electro. Her accolades include two Grammy Awards, two Brit Awards, and a Golden Globe nomination. She appeared in Time’s list of the most influential teenagers in 2013 and 2014, and the 2014 edition of Forbes 30 Under 30. In addition to her solo work, she has co-written songs for other artists, including Broods and Bleachers. As of June 2017, Lorde has sold over five million albums worldwide. Here are all of Lorde songs ranked.

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20. Perfect Places (Melodrama, 2017)

“These days, all people listen to are rappers who sing about random ideas and have no sense of meaning whatsoever. The only good singer left is Lorde. She hasn’t caught the “rapper’s fever” yet. Her lyrics to Perfect Places are beautiful! Great beats and great rhythm. Not like The Chainsmokers where they release horrible music every month.”

19. The Louvre (Melodrama, 2017)

“This song is so passionate and beautiful. The mix of her deep notes + her falsetto combined with the spacious orchestra music make this gem worth putting on repeat”

18. Million Dollar Bills (Pure Heroine, 2013)

“Pure, sheer brilliance! Lorde shines in this song brighter than a diamond. This is an underrated gem, probably the most underrated Lorde song ever. I heard it on the radio and I loved it, so darn catchy”

17. Supercut (Melodrama, 2017)

“This song is not receiving the love it deserves! Super awesome lyrics and message, I love her songs that have that hint of nostalgia. This song is addicting and I just feel really good every time I listen to it.”

16. Hard Feelings/Loveless (Melodrama, 2017)

“When I first heard this song I was brought to tears- relatable lyrics and beats that are cringingly beautiful and incomparable. Love this song!”

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15. The Love Club (Pure Heroine, 2013)

“I love the meaning and her voice in this song. Lorde captures the feeling of nostalgia so beautifully, and I can’t think of a better example of this. It’s a song which represents a feeling we’ve all had, accepting imperfection in ourselves and in our connections with others.”

14. Everybody Wants to Rule the World (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, 2013)

“After hearing the original and listening to Lorde’s cover I must say that she did a fantastic job in delivering it. I mean the song actually made me emotional…”

13. A World Alone (Pure Heroine, 2013)

“A World Alone shows how brilliantly Lorde could write songs that don’t just reflect her own experience as a teen but others could also relate to. This is her best song from the listener who is not her fans.”

12. White Teeth Teens (Pure Heroine, 2013)

“Yes, it is about popularity and the rich people and why they suck. Rich people suck, and it is said in this song, it’s better not to be a fake person, but a real person. This song is just incredible. Her songwriting ability is displayed best on this song”

11. Bravado (Pure Heroine, 2013)

“This song isn’t an uplifting one like a simple-minded person would take it as at first glance, and that’s what makes the song so beautiful and relatable, especially to me personally. It’s a reflecting song, one that encourages one struggling with narcissism not to heal, but to- instead of wonder what’s wrong with you when the spotlight’s off of you and you feel lonely and self-reflective- find something you can constantly be good at and feel approval from others through that vessel.”

10. 400 Lux (Pure Heroine, 2013)

“This song is so beautiful in the sense that the lyrics are genius. This deserves to be number 1. I love Lorde, but I have to admit I’m not a fan of Yellow Flicker Beat. It depicts her everyday life in a suburban town with no airs or graces but Lorde just makes it sound like it is Utopia”

9. Liability (Melodrama, 2017)

“So beautiful, so powerful, it tugs at my heartstrings. Very relatable too–she has put into words my depressing, teenagery feelings.”

8. Glory and Gore (Pure Heroine, 2013)

“I think that this song has the most unique and catchy beat. The lyrics should not be ignored as they are wonderful as well. These two things make this song my overall favorite.”

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7. Green Light (Melodrama, 2017)

“It’s fiery and lyrically great, “she thinks you love the beach, you’re such a damn liar”. The favorite song comes from the heart and you can feel her emotion in her voice. Great song, slow at first but amazing when it explodes.”

6. Buzzcut Season (Pure Heroine, 2013)

“You can tell this girl is so intellectual and ahead of her years for providing this realistic take on modern society. I find it relatable because much like most young adults these days I choose to ignore the reality we live in by focusing on superficial things.”

5. Yellow Flicker Beat (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, 2014)

“This song is so cool. Mysterious and grows in intensity, then at the chorus she just lets it out! I love this song so much! Perfect Singer to sing the Hunger Games: Mockingjay theme song.”

4. Ribs (Pure Heroine, 2013)

“This is honestly the best song I’ve ever heard lyrically and musically. The lyrics describe her fear of getting old and losing that magical way of thinking associated with it (extremely relevant now; Melodrama shows how much she’s changed), which is something everyone can relate to. The undulating electronic synthesizers really make you feel the nostalgia, too”

3. Tennis Court (Pure Heroine, 2013)

“This song created my personal dark style! The Yeahs, when I listen this song, make me stronger all time! And The song’ s video can destroy all your problems in your head in that moment”

2. Royals (Pure Heroine, 2013)

“I like that this song isn’t saying “Because I’m rich, I’m gonna make a song about it”, instead it’s like “I’ll never be that way because it’s just not my thing”. I thought the world had lost hope, then this song came out!”

1. Team (Pure Heroine, 2013)

“Her voice, the lyrics.. Just everything is beautiful! Even after all these years, this is the song from Pure Heroine that I always listen to first. Classic. This song is definitely Lorde at her best”