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Love Battery was an American rock band from Seattle, Washington. Love Battery was formed in 1989 by former rock band Room Nine leader Ron Nine (b. Ron Rudzitis), guitarist Kevin Whitworth (ex-Crisis Party), bassist Tommy “Bonehead” Simpson (also ex-Crisis Party), and rock band Mudhoney drummer Dan Peters. Their name came from a song of the same name by the British punk band the Buzzcocks. Before releasing their first single Peters left the group and was replaced by grunge band ex-Skin Yard drummer Jason Finn. With this lineup, the band released their debut single Between The Eyes for the seminal Seattle record label Sub Pop. By 1990 Simpson had been replaced by ex-U-Men bassist Jim Tillman. With this lineup, the band released their debut EP Between the Eyes in 1990, again on Sub Pop. This record was later expanded and released as their first full-length album in 1991. Following the Between, The Eyes EP was the Foot singles and Out Of Focus EP. Here are all of Love Battery’s songs ranked.

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8. Punks Want Rights (Confusion Au Go Go, 1999)

“These guys are sorely missed. Although they hailed from Seattle, and get lumped in with the grunge scene, they clearly had a unique sound never replicated by any other band of the period.”

7. Easter (Between the Eyes, 1989)

“Love Battery was part of the 90s grunge scene and their focus was more along the lines of The Screaming Trees in that you could hear the seering 60s psych influences. Top notch songs, guitar are featured throughout all of LBs releases and this is no exception.”

6. Dayglo (Dayglo, 1992)

“The genius of “Dayglo” lies in the recording process. On their own, the ten songs that make up the album would still stand tall, but what elevates it to greatness and perfection is in the approach used to craft it. It is obviously cut live in the studio, and in doing so, preserves the energy and raw spirit that was the undeniable strength of the band.”

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5. Nehru Jacket (Straight Freak Ticket, 1995)

“I got into this group, like most every other reviewer here, through the brilliance of Nirvana and Soundgarden, etc. But I didn’t expect something so little-known and so obscure to have anything on the famous ones. But this album is just incredible.”

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4. Damaged (Dayglo, 1992)

“You will hear mistakes, dropped keys, between song banter, and even the fingers of Kevin Whitworth and Ron Nine slide across their guitar strings (Damaged) as they play. It is , literally, like nothing you have ever heard or will ever hear again. “Dayglo” is quite convincingly, a masterpiece- a singular moment in time when everything came together at the right time, in the right place, and with the four right musicians.”

3. Out of Focus (Dayglo, 1992)

“I personally wouldn’t call it a masterpiece as other reviewers before me did as for me it lacks some true invention and is at time blissfully out of focus (no pun intended) but a beautiful example of the energy and authenticity of the early Seattle scene it is for sure.”

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2. Half Past You (Far Gone, 1993)

“Ever since Far Gone I’ve been a fan of these guys. I miss the thunderous drums that Jason added to the arrangements, but the music is still fantastic. Ron’s lyrics are always intriguing.”

1. Fuzz Factory (Straight Freak Ticket, 1995)

“As the Seattle music scene became trendy in the early 90’s, there were quite a few bands who suddenly got their chance to be hear. Love Battery was one of them, but somehow they still kind of got lost in the shuffle, which is a shame since there’s some good stuff here.”