Love Battery Albums Ranked

Love Battery was an American rock band from Seattle, Washington. Love Battery was formed in 1989 by former rock band Room Nine leader Ron Nine (b. Ron Rudzitis), guitarist Kevin Whitworth (ex-Crisis Party), bassist Tommy “Bonehead” Simpson (also ex-Crisis Party), and rock band Mudhoney drummer Dan Peters. Their name came from a song of the same name by the British punk band the Buzzcocks. Before releasing their first single Peters left the group and was replaced by grunge band ex-Skin Yard drummer Jason Finn. With this lineup, the band released their debut single Between The Eyes for the seminal Seattle record label Sub Pop. By 1990 Simpson had been replaced by ex-U-Men bassist Jim Tillman. With this lineup, the band released their debut EP Between the Eyes in 1990, again on Sub Pop. This record was later expanded and released as their first full-length album in 1991. Following the Between, The Eyes EP was the Foot singles and Out Of Focus EP. Here are all of Love Battery’s albums ranked.

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5. Far Gone (1993)

Love Battery - Far Gone by Love Battery (1993-06-25) - Music

“Not far behind “Nevermind,” this CD is my second favorite album from its era. Without knowing anything about the band, I first found it in a cut-out bin of a major record store chain in the mid-nineties. Seeing that it was on Sub Pop, and impressed with the cover, which has a kind of paranoid stoner vibe, I risked the couple of bucks to buy it. I began to like it more and more on each listen. It has plenty of the fuzzed-out, strung-out, frustrated angst of bands around Seattle of the time. At the same time, it is melodic, enjoyable pop. I was surprised back then to find out that it was out-of-print, amazing for such a good album, but I believe that situation has been rectified. I enjoy some songs on other Love Battery CDs, especially “Straight Freak Ticket,” but this is the one that is a powerful statement all the way through.”

4. Confusion Au Go Go (1998)

Love Battery - Confusion Au Go Go: lyrics and songs | Deezer

“Love Battery, a band that slipped through the cracks of the hype of the Pacific Northwest earlier this decade still survive. Perhaps causing them to continue to develop without ever collapsing under the weight of other bands and their overwhelming successes. Confusion Au Go Go, their fifth disc, is extremely solid all the way through. Like their previous, and best disc, Straight Freak Ticket, Love Battery musically blend psychodelic twisting slide guitar, with off-kilter rock beats. There is always something interesting and unusual about Ron Nine’s lyrics and voice. The best songs are the title track, Monkey Brain and Hollow Body. Highly recommended.”

3. Straight Freak Ticket (1995)

Love Battery – Straight Freak Ticket (1995, CD) - Discogs

“Amazing album from an incredibly amazing (and underrated) band. Surely, the best or one of the best albums from this guys. Definitely a worthy purchase, as we don’t have too many bands like them nowadays.”

2. Between The Eyes (1990)

Love Battery – Between The Eyes (1990, CD) - Discogs

“Love Battery is a band that didn’t get the national attention that some of the other bands in the scene received. It’s strange because what you hear in this album is a sound so complete and well-crafted. Even though lyrics aren’t usually a big selling point for me when I listen to music, the lyrics on this album are thoughtful enough to catch my attention. Their sound is a heavy breaking, melody rich flood of guitar power gone hard. This music is energetic but well balanced.”

1. Dayglo (1992)

Puolimas kapitonas Patyčios love battery -

“Love Battery have been fixtures in the Seattle music scene since early 1989 when they cut their first singles with legendary producer Jack Endino. They rose out of the ashes of leader Ron Nine’s band Room Nine, which never made an impact outside of the local music scene, but remain somewhat of a cult fascination among the Love Battery faithful, and those few who experienced the music in the late 1980’s.”