Silverchair Songs Ranked

Silverchair was an Australian rock band, which formed in 1992 as Innocent Criminals in Newcastle, New South Wales, with Ben Gillies on drums, Daniel Johns on vocals and guitars, and Chris Joannou on bass guitar. The group got their big break in mid-1994 when they won a national demo competition conducted by SBS TV show Nomad and ABC radio station, Triple J. The band was signed by Murmur, and was successful in Australia and internationally. Silverchair has sold over six million albums worldwide. In 2003, following the release of Diorama, the band announced a hiatus, during which time members recorded with side projects The Dissociatives, The Mess Hall, and Tambalane. Silverchair reunited at the 2005 Wave Aid concerts. In 2007, they released their fifth album, Young Modern, and played the Across the Great Divide tour with contemporaries Powderfinger. In May 2011, Silverchair announced an indefinite hiatus. Here are all of Silverchair’s songs ranked.

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15. Tuna In the Brine (Diorama, 2002)

“Tuna In The Brine is by far the peak of Johns’ and Parks’ collaboration, and as far as composition goes, Johns’ best, possibly Australia’s best. Such a creative and catchy song…one of the greatest songs ever.”

14. Roses (Freak Show, 1997)

“This song is really amazing I don’t understand why people don’t konw it for me is the best song of Silverchair and Grunge. Its lyric is really amazing and its beat is like a song from the heaven”

13. Suicidal Dream (Frogstomp, 1995)

“This song gets such bad press because of the lyrics. They don’t understand it’s about teen depression, not Daniel feeling like that. It saved my life.”

Frogstomp - Album by Silverchair | Spotify

12. Shade (Frogstomp, 1995)

“I think the songs referring to bottling up the anger inside and going to a dark place (the shade) & shutting down so to speak. The lyrics make reference to talking to someone to help you through the tough times. I also believe it’s also about bullying & talking to someone about it as opposed to letting being bullied destroy you as a person.”

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11. Pure Massacre (Frogstomp, 1995)

“It’s not about any terrorism/loss of life in a literal sense. It’s about loss of love and the massacre you feel inside. Anyway, I really love this song, but then again, I love all of their songs…”

10. Israel’s Son (Frogstomp, 1995)

“The steadily bruising guitar playing is definitely a highlight, and the bass intro builds up a cool starting line buzz. You would still have to be a moody 9th grader to find these lyrics decent, but I can ignore that since the rest of the song is on the right side of agreeable, and there’s enough grunge-influenced elements to keep it kicking along.”

Silverchair - Diorama Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius

9. Anthem for the Year 2000 (Neon Ballroom, 1999)

“People who say that the song is dated are wrong, aside from the title lyric the lyrics are more relevant than they were back when the song was released in 1999. Aside from the fantastic lyrics, the song features a great hook. And ”Anthem for the Year 2000” isn`t even the best song from Neon Ballroom.”

8. The Greatest View (Diorama, 2002)

“When Silverchair first came out i never would have expected them capable of this. From such meek and humble beginnings, they actually managed some great music as they matured. This one is a good example of that.”

7. After All These Years (Diorama, 2002)

“This song is so personal and magical to me, it is my therapy. I suffered from Anorexia Nervosa and Depression for most of my adolescence and this song just helped me so much to let go of “all the troubled times” just as Daniel did. So emotional and honest. Makes me love Daniel Johns all the more”

Silverchair - Neon Ballroom - Music

6. Freak (Freak Show, 1997)

“This song is an awesome grunge track! The vocals sound close to kurt cobains the heavy use of the crash during the verses gives this song a heavy grunge feel! Surely one of the best 90’s songs.”

5. Miss You Love (Neon Ballroom, 1999)

” cherish this song, I so relate to what Daniel is saying. Definitely one of the deepest silverchair songs ever. I like how he’s taken a negative recipirocal approach to the songs misinterpreted topic (“love”) This song is so true especially when the chorus “Remember today I have respect for you””

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4. Straight Lines (Young Modern, 2007)

“Just awesome. Even if everyone else hates it, this is still brilliant pop. I can’t hear much difference in the radio edit from the album version, just a bit more punched up in the mix. What a song; their best ever! The two tracks not on the album are wonderful:”

Silverchair - Freak Show - Music

3. Ana’s Song (Open Fire) (Neon Ballroom, 1999)

“A great song, the first to show Daniel Johns maturing as a songwriter and the band growing as a musical entity, with the use of strings. Daniel’s vocal is incredible on this track and the other members are no slouches either. Personally, I think this is one of Silverchair’s best songs.”

2. Emotion Sickness (Neon Ballroom, 1999)

“Gorgeous song… The first time I really understood that Daniel Johns wanted to take his song writing skills to a new level. Very technical song that combines many musical aspects.”

1. Tomorrow (Frogstomp, 1995)

“Solid post-grunge. Pretty nice guitar solo for a kid. I great cover song for up-and-coming garage bands to learn, it’s simple, recognizable, and once you got it down tight, it sounds pretty damn good.”