Luke Combs Songs Ranked

Luke Albert Combs (born March 2, 1990) is an American country music singer and songwriter. Combs has released two albums for Columbia Nashville, which have combined to produce nine singles, each of which reached number one on Billboard‘s Country Airplay chart: “Hurricane”, “When It Rains It Pours”, “One Number Away”, “She Got the Best of Me”, “Beautiful Crazy”, “Beer Never Broke My Heart”, “Even Though I’m Leaving”, “Does to Me” and “Lovin’ on You”. Here are all of Luke Combs’s songs ranked.

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10. Does to Me (What You See Is What You Get, 2019)

“Outstanding. Just, plain outstanding. Every song on this loaded (seventeen tracks!) album are winners. If you’re tired of the over produced, bubble-gum pop pretending to be country music that’s flowing from Nashville these days, then this CD is for you.”

9. Let the Moonshine (The Way She Rides, 2014)

“I love him. This man has gotta be from the good Lord himself. He will never know how much he has saved me through his music. I’m a forever fan. Luke Combs will be an icon for many years to come. I wish him all the best.

8. Beer Can (This One’s for You, 2017)

“I am just becoming a fan of his and believe he is one of the more genuine and talented Country artists today. He has quickly amassed a string of hits, all on this EP, and will certainly have more. If you like any of his current songs and his style of music you cant go wrong here. Great music without a lot of the flash that you see today. Looking forward to seeing what he does in the future.”

7. Beer Never Broke My Heart (What You See Is What You Get, 2019)

“The man has the most amazing voice. His song writing is the best I have heard in a long time. He does not have a bad song.”

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6. Houston, We Got a Problem (This One’s for You, 2017)

“Writing is excellent. You found the underlying vibe of Houston in some ways. Anyway, I am enjoying the song. Thanks.”

5. She Got the Best of Me (This Ones for You, 2017)

“This artist has such a depth of emotion to his voice whether it’s a heart-wrenching ballad or a more uptempo comedic track, it’s delivered with Luke’s iconic and wonderful gravelly tone and each one is a gem.”

4. Beautiful Crazy (This Ones for You, 2017)

“This song paints a picture. A great love song from an up and coming artist. It grows on you and you want to listen over and over.”

3. When It Rains It Pours (This Ones for You, 2017)

“An upbeat, positive view of life, focusing on the positives in life…The total opposite of our standard VIEW of our every day life scenario of “when it rains, it pours” Makes me happy to hear a positive funny, yet real-life country song (well, country songs ARE usually about real life but you know what I mean)”

2. Hurricane (This Ones for You, 2017)

“Love this song Luke Combs is an amazing up and coming artist this song is sitting at 46 on the billboard charts and I personally think it’s very capable of being a number one

1. One Number Away (This Ones for You, 2017)

“This is one of my fav Luke Combs songs. His music is fun and relatable. Goose bumps every time. This song is about a broken up couple. Who still think of each other. But keep postponing a connection… until it’s too late.”