Motley Crue Songs Ranked

Mötley Crüe is the eponymous sixth studio album by heavy metal band Mötley Crüe, released on March 15, 1994. It is the band’s only album released without singer Vince Neil, who was replaced by ex-The Scream singer John Corabi. It was also the first album of new material released by the band since their 1989 album, Dr. Feelgood. The album, which was recorded under the working title of Til Death Do Us Part, was the first release by the band after signing a 25-million dollar contract with Elektra Records. There are two different versions of the cover, which feature the band’s name on a scratched black background. One version features the band name colored red and the other colored yellow (which is shown above). Both versions were released simultaneously. On the inside, the CD tray features a white circle showing a fist with the word “CRUE” on its fingers emerging from a black circle with an open space on the right side. The CD shows the same thing but is drawn differently. Some editions have the CD showing the circle and fist drawn the same way as on the inlay. The back of the booklet shows part of the word “Listen” which is either colored red or yellow, depending on the version. The red version of the album is more common, as the yellow version is currently out of print. Here are all of Motley Crue’s songs ranked.

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10. Droppin Like Flies

“This self titled effort qass their finest, heaviest, riffiest effort ever! John Corabi is just a brilliant vocalist, so fresh, so honest in his vocals, that this album has some depth to it, some substance.”

9. Hammered

“This album is better than what it was given credit for. This was put out during the time Vince was not with the band. It was a new direction and a new sound and it was great. My personal thought on the album was that John was a good addition to the Crue making the sound of the band more heavy metal than the past albums.”

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8. Til Death Do Us Part

“This album rocks in every way, shape, or form. Without a doubt right behind Dr.Feelgood. I really believe that if this album was promoted today with songs like uncle jack, loveshine, and misunderstood because I think those songs fit in with the rock thats on the radie today, that this album would be a hit.”

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7. Poison Apples

“This is album kicks ass…This IS the best album Crue has released…Corabi adds an element to Crue that is evident…His voice is raw and incredible…It is a shame that Crue fans didn’t give Corabi a chance…The Crue should have stuck him and kept him as their vocalist.”

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6. Driftaway

“This album is POWERFUL, MATURE and HEARTFELT…just INCREDIBLE!!! Definitely Motley Crue’s best album. John Corabi brought the best out of this band. Tommy Lee and Mick Mars are in top form musically. I also like to mention Bob Rock did an amazing job producing this album probably his best work.”

5. Smoke the Sky

“The hard charged “Smoke the Sky” rolls hard behind a mean Mick Mars riff, while the under-rated Corabi proves he is a better vocalist than the image-is-everything Neil. Corabi’s gritty pipes rule throughout “Smoke the Sky”. Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee lock-in-tight, adding to the Motley mayhem on the searing “Smoke the Sky”. In particular, T. Lee’s trashy drum work augments the balls-out blitz.”

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4. Uncle Jack

“The self titled album is a rock solid effort by the Crue. Although the response by the Crue fans was apathetic at the time of release and the effort ultimately flopped, it was a demonstration of how tight the band remained musically even with the departure of Vince Neil.”

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3. Misunderstood

“Misunderstood” is a fantastic anthem that starts slowly but builds into an amazing chorus. There is orchestration on “Misunderstood” so the band really tried to branch out artistically. Whereas most Crue albums are really Nikki Sixx’s baby, everyone in the band really gave 100 percent. Tommy Lee never sounded better and his drumming here is a 10.”

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2. Power to the Music

“From the opening riff to Power To The Music, Mars’ guitar is gritty, deep and heavy then…..BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tommy and Nikki come in with THE heaviest of rhythms I have EVER heard! My mouth fell open as I HAD to adjust the bass on my car stereo cause my car was vibrating!”

1. Hooligan’s Holiday

“”Hooligan’s Holiday”, the original working title for the Crue’s 1994 album, is a greasy, down-in-the-gutter, hook-laden cut, that showcases new recruit John Corabi on vocals, as well as powerhouse drum action from Tommy “T-Bone” Lee. The promotional CD single features two versions of the song: the “Brown Nose Edit” clocks in first, followed by the album version, which features the Slime City Sinners & the Canadian Connection (Bob Rock).”