Mr. Big Songs Ranked

Mr. Big is an American hard rock supergroup formed in Los Angeles, California, in 1988. The band was originally composed of Eric Martin (lead vocals), Paul Gilbert (guitar, backing vocals), Billy Sheehan (bass guitar, backing vocals), and Pat Torpey (drums, percussion, backing vocals). They are noted especially for their music and have scored a number of hits. Their songs are often marked by strong vocals and vocal harmonies. Their hits include “To Be with You” (a number-one single in 15 countries in 1992) and “Just Take My Heart”. The band takes its name from a song by Free, which is covered on the 1993 album Bump Ahead. Here are all of Mr. Big’s songs ranked.

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12. Electrified (Get Over It, 1999)

“This album is so hip, it probably led to the demise of such talented musicians in a group together. Listen to Pat lay down some ballsy, in your face, groove the night away rhythms. Billy and him are like glue. Guitar work and vocals kick it up another few notches.”

11. Take Cover (Hey Man, 1996)

“This to me is when things get seriously to the next level in terms of songwriting and arrangements. A that stage, Eric Martin is being used to his full potential in terms not only of singing ability but more importantly in terms of emotional reach. “

10. Ain’t Seen Love Like That (Bump Ahead, 1993)

“As usual, Mr. Big performance is excellent, but if half of the songs in the record are ballads, things start to become less interesting. Other than that the is not much different from other Mr. Big deliveries.”

9. Nothing but Love (Bump Ahead, 1993)

“This, like a double-edged sword, may also be one of the band’s problems: Gilbert’s too technical, shredding approach which often lacks a humanly warmth, that’d be welcomed; he sort of contradicts this idea with his own heavy ballad “Nothing but Love” an essay for a Charts candidate song, with his guitar synth emulating violins and keyboards, not to mention some fine acoustic passages throughout.”

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8. Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy (The Electric Drill Song) (Lean into It, 1991)

“Powered by a cordless Makita, the innovative technique of guitarist Paul Gilbert and bassist Billy Sheehan, Mr. Big’s “The Drill Song (Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy)”, showcases the talented shredders working their collective magic.”

7. Shine (Actual Size, 2001)

“Song was used as the Ending Theme for Hellsing TV Series and I just truly enjoyed it, The sounds of the drums and the speed of the beat was just truly enjoyable to me.”

6. Undertow (What If…, 2010)

“Great song, brings me back to the days when rock music was played by great musicians. Very melodic song. Paul Gilbert is still amazing Love the song, great guitar licks!

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5. Addicted to That Rush (Mr. Big, 1989)

“Well, the album begins with a kick in the teeth, “Addicted to that rush”, that was by the way, single that was extracted and that reach number 39 in the Mainstream Rock lists. It is a demonstration from where the talent of musicians can arrive. “Twin strings” of Gilbert and Sheehan are a technical prodigy. “

4. Green Tinted Sixties Mind (Lean into It, 1991)

“I heard this song on the radio one day and I had to get it. Great hit that I can add to my 80s collection. Slick, cool guitar intro. Very catchy melody. I don’t know what this song is about though.”

3. Just Take My Heart (Lean into It, 1991)

“Just take my heart is a beautiful song that talks to your heart every time you hear it. I love good story telling songs and this one takes it to that level. To hear the words that we’ve all felt at least once in our lives is definitely like a goodbye anthem.”

2. Wild World (Bump Ahead, 1993)

“I’m actually not a Mr. Big fan, but on this cover they nailed it. The original song has an infectious rhythm but it didn’t seem quite complete to me. This version ties it all together in my opinion. If you liked the original you’ll probably like this one.”

1. To Be with You (Lean into It, 1991)

“Had this band gotten together in the mid-’80s instead of the early ’90s when music took a shift, they might have lasted a little longer. Beautiful acoustic guitar work and sweet words in this song. Always liked acoustic songs. I heard this on the radio one day, and I had to have it. Brings me back to my teen years.”