Muse Albums Ranked

Muse are an English rock band from Teignmouth, Devon, formed in 1994. The band consists of Matt Bellamy (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards), Chris Wolstenholme (bass guitar, backing vocals), and Dominic Howard (drums). Muse signed to Maverick Records and released their debut album, Showbiz, in 1999, showcasing Bellamy’s falsetto and a melancholic alternative rock style. Muse has won numerous awards, including two Grammy Awards, two Brit Awards, five MTV Europe Music Awards, and eight NME Awards. In 2012 they received the Ivor Novello Award for International Achievement from the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers, and Authors. As of June 2016, they have sold over 20 million albums worldwide. Here are all Muse albums ranked.

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7. Showbiz (1999)

“Showbiz is the song I kept listening to, not quite sure how I felt about it until I got the restraint of the music with “Controlling my feelings for too long”. It is like a build up of all the anger and resentment you’ve ever felt after someone has ripped your heart out, “Trying to please you for too long”. “Forcing my darkest soul to unfold and pushing us into self-destruction”. Cave is sort of like Hyper Music,it is not the song you think it is, you have to really listen to it until the chorus. “Come in my cave…I’ll burn your heart away”. Please. Killer guitar riff. Fillip is like a reflection on the flip side of Plug in Baby, until the arc in the center – ‘Trust me, I never knew that you were the one’. This is what makes Fillip a great rock song. “

6. Drones (2015)

“The album loosely tells the evolution of the MUSE hero who finds him/herself Dead Inside, manipulated by powerful cultural and political forces that are barely perceived but ever-present and demanding a vague conformity and reaction to manipulative stimuli. The Globalist destroys countries, cultures, and free will. Drones strike remotely; there is no contact with accuser or destroyer. Our MUSE hero awakens to the chains and manipulation, sees The Handler, and becomes a Defector, calling others to awaken and also Revolt. The Aftermath is a return of life; human dignity ascends again, at least for the hero, who has regained his/her soul and freedom.”

5. The 2nd Law (2012)

“Its chilling message is a stark warning about what could happen if we continue to rape the Earth and plunder its resources. This is thoughtful, intelligent rock music that has no equal. A happy surprise is the inclusion of 2 excellent songs written and sung by bassist Chris Wolstenholme. His plaintive, choirboy-like vocal on the lyrical “Save Me” contrasts sharply with the strident hard rock of “Liquid State”. This guy is brilliant and I really want to hear more of his work! “The 2nd Law” is very polished and dramatic but also very accessable so it should win Muse many new fans as well as delighting existing ones, such as myself! This album is definitely one of my all-time favourites.”

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4. The Resistance (2009)

“”The Resistance” is the Holy Grail of Muse albums. I love ALL their albums, but there’s something extra special about “The Resistance”. The band really took a risk with this record, and the results are absolute perfection. I mean what other rock/pop band has a trilogy of symphonies?! Not many that I can think of. This album is creative, sophisticated, and HIGHLY entertaining. This is how a modern rock album is supposed to sound. It has a little bit of ’70s space rock thrown in too. No wonder “The Resistance” won a Grammy for Best Rock Album. It’s amazing and catchy as hell. No filler here, folks. “Uprising” was an excellent choice for first single. “Resistance” is the BEST track.”

3. Black Holes and Revelations (2006)

“This is the album that brought Muse into the masses. The great thing about this album is the variety. You get a little bit of everything: rock, pop, alternative, dance, electronica, etc. The tempo picks up again on “Assassin” (love those blistering guitars and chord changes) and “Exo-Politics” which my pick for BEST track. I could listen to that song 10 times in a row. “Exo-Politics” has this addicting chorus you can’t get out of your head. “

2. Origin of Symmetry (2001)

“”Origin of Symmetry” by Muse took me a few listens to see how fun and experimental this album really is. This album is very different than the ones that follow this like “Absolution” and “Black Holes and Revelations”. This record is slightly lo-fi and more alternative rock-sounding. It’s not as glossy and some of the melodies/arrangements are simplistic and laid-back.Very experimental and have multi-layered arrangements and gorgeous melodies. There’s a cover of the jazz standard, “Feeling Good” which seems like an odd choice for the band to cover, but somehow it works. “

1. Absolution (2003)

“”Absolution” by Muse is another classic and unforgettable album from start to finish. I love this band, from their old stuff to their latest release.This trio can do no wrong. “Apocalypse Now” is the strongest track. This song has a little bit of everything. I love how the song builds and builds and those trippy synths in between the verses are mind-blowing.I highly recommend “Absolution”. Muse became a stronger and more cohesive band after the release of this album. Their music is like fine wine, it gets better with age. Enjoy!”