Nevermind Songs Ranked

Nevermind is the second studio album by American rock band Nirvana, released on September 24, 1991, by DGC Records. Produced by Butch Vig, it was Nirvana’s first release on the DGC label, as well as the first to feature drummer Dave Grohl. Nevermind features a more polished, radio-friendly sound than the band’s prior work, and is therefore considered a significant departure from their debut album, Bleach. Recording for Nevermind took place at Sound City Studios in Van Nuys, California, and Smart Studios in Madison, Wisconsin in May and June 1991, with mastering being completed in August of that year at The Mastering Lab in Hollywood, California. Nevermind is often credited with initiating a resurgence of punk culture among teenagers and young adults of Generation X. In addition, it was responsible in part for bringing both grunge and alternative rock music to a mainstream audience and ending the dominance of hair metal. The album has sold over 30 million copies worldwide, making it one of the best-selling albums of all time. In March 1999, it was certified Diamond by the RIAA. Among the most acclaimed albums in the history of music, in 2004 the Library of Congress added it to the National Recording Registry, which collects “culturally, historically or aesthetically important” sound recordings. Here are all of the Nevermind songs ranked.

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13. Endless, Nameless

“This album means a lot to me and many other people. The emotion put into this album, the pure teen spirit, the rebellious nature of the youth, is astounding. Not only was this album great, it was also hugely influential.”

12. Stay Away

“Stay away is the rawest song on the album. You can feel the frustration and emotion, something you can’t do with any other song, besides breed. Stay away and on a plain are the two best songs on Nevermind”

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11. On a Plain

“‘Nevermind’ was released twenty years ago today, burying hoards of wretched hair metal bands into the oblivion they deserved. Some reviewers claimed it was just pissed-off kids making noise in the garage. It is a fair point of view, but so were The Beatles and The Rolling Stones when you get right down to it. There is a lot to be said for angry noise mixed with songwriting chops and that is what Nirvana offered. ‘On the Plain’ does not scream classic single in the way that ‘Teen Spirit’ and ‘Come As You Are’ do, but it is a well-constructed rock song, with a fair dollop of 1990s irony.”

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10. Polly

“This is personally my favorite track on the entire album. I love it. The lyrics are great. The guitar riff is great. The chorus is great. There is almost nothing wrong with this song in my opinion. I absolutely adore it, and I wish it was longer.”

9. Lounge Act

“Great bass, great guitar, great melody, great drums, easily best song on my favorite album of all time, an underrated masterpiece. Their best bassline. Krist killed it here.”

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8. Territorial Pissings

“Territorial Pissings is so upbeat and Dave Grohl’s drumming is dynamic. Nevermind is one of the only albums where every song was worth buying the album. This song is the musical equivalent of speed and adrenaline mixed together.”

7. Breed

“”Breed”: doesn’t really do anything for me. I don’t mind the song, but it doesn’t really stick out in my head as an excellent song. I’d say it’s just good enough to be on side one. This song contains the best solo in the world also this was my first Nirvana song.”

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6. Something in the Way

“Honestly the best song of the album, if not the best song from their entire discography. It sounds very dark and haunting and it describes Kurt perfectly. My absolute favourite.”

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5. Drain You

“In a way, this song reminds me of “By the way”, by The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Took me a while to like “By the way” as it sounded like a parody of their style. Nirvana seem to be regurgitating their sound here, which is not to say that this is a bad song.”

4. In Bloom

“As with The Police’s drummer, Stewart Copeland, I find Grohl’s drumming to be satisfying, aurally. Again, Grohl seems to want to turn his drumkit into something that Salvadore Dali might have drawn. Yet another cool bass line in this song (this album is full of them) and the guitars have a low buzzing sound to them. The chorus is catchy but I wonder if all those years ago if maybe I had found the lyrics too simple. Not an issue for me now, if that was the case.

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3. Come as You Are

“Come As You Are”: is also a great song, and one of my favorites on the album. It’s a very interesting song considering it’s nothing but a repeating guitar riff. Of course simplicity does not equal bad songwriting. Quite the opposite in most cases, and “Come As You Are” acts as proof for the musical philosophy of simplicity.”

2. Lithium

“Lithium, probably my second favourite song on this album. Has the Quiet Loud Quiet structure favoured by one of their influences, Pixies (well, the usual phrase is Loud Quiet Loud, but I think my way is more accurate!). The chorus in this song is terrific and I like the bass playing in the middle of the song.

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1. Smells Like Teen Spirit

“Smells like teen spirit”: is a great song. The 16th note power chord strum plus the haunting vocal melody make for an eerily great pop tune disguised as a punk rock/hard rock anthem for apathetic teenagers. The lyrics and vocal melody compliment the bass, drums, and lead guitar with proficiency.”