Night Train Songs Ranked

Night Train is the fifth studio album by American country music artist Jason Aldean. It was released on October 16, 2012, via Broken Bow Records. The album features a collaboration with Luke Bryan and Eric Church on “The Only Way I Know”. It was produced by Michael Knox and features Aldean’s road band, with songs written by various songwriters. The album debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200, making it Aldean’s first album to do so. Night Train sold 409,000 copies on its first week, making it the biggest opening sales for a country album since Taylor Swift’s Speak Now sold 1,049,000 copies in 2010, as well as the fourth biggest opening sales for an album in 2012. Here are all of Night Train songs ranked.

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15. Water Tower

“The final song on the album, and also, one of the best. It really reminds of  Mes rêves  by Jess Costa, because it has the beginning that is slow, and steady, but then picks up speed and changes tone. It’s a nice song about using the Water Tower to find your way back home. Like some people said in other reviews, it’s a nice song to end the album.”

14. Black Tears

“Another excellent song on the album, and the best one, in my opinion. It’s slow, and reminds me of Sad Lisa  by Cat Stevens because it’s about a girl who is sad all the time; in pain, it’s a sad, and beautiful song.”

13. Staring at the Sun

“Another song I don’t like too much, from the words (which makes no sense) to the music, I don’t think there’s anything I like about this song. Everything gets a little better during the refrain, but not good enough, I’m sad to say.”

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12. Night Train

“This is the song this album was named after! Although it’s not my favorite song on the album. It’s about waiting and listening to the Night Train, although I don’t know if that’s a reference, or an actual train called the Night Train.”

11. Take a Little Ride

” This is a nice song that has a very catchy refrain that makes me want to sing it also! It’s about wanting to take a ride with you. “Put your pretty pink toes on the dash, lean the seat back, man I swear there aint nothing looks better than that, sweet tan, little thing with nothing to do, I want to take a little ride with you.”

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10. Talk

“He has told his story and is tired of talking and wants you to tell yours so he can know everything about you. Like him or not he’s one of the most defining country music stars right now.”

9. Feel That Again

“He wants to feel either the love of another person or have the feeling of comfort again, or maybe I’m just misinterpreting it. Kind of hard to tell.”

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8. This Nothin’ Town

“This is one of my favorite songs on this album about a town that seems to always have something going on! Must be an exciting place to visit!”

7. When She Says Baby

“One of my least favorite songs on the album, partly because I see no storyline whatsoever in it, and also because for some reason, I don’t like what he did with the musical accompaniment.”

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6. Wheels Rollin’

“The music is very well done. The song is about driving to some place in the rain. Pretty nice song. Take a little ride is the large song on this album no matter how you get that song, you need to have it in your collection.”

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5. The Only Way I Know

“This is a kind of nice song about the only way they (probably referring to a friend of his or the other townspeople) know how to do things, probably they’ve thought that that way (what the song’s about) for a long time.”

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4. I Don’t Do Lonely

“I love this song; it’s really nice, about dealing with the pain of losing someone close to you such as a family or friend. I don’t like the part at the beginning of the song, which keeps coming up throughout the piece, but even so, I still love the song.”

3. 1994

“This is one of my favorites, and would be rated 5.0 stars but I don’t like the “Joe, Joe, Joe Hippay” (or something like that) that comes after the chorus. Another reason I like this one is because it’s slow. I know, that might not make much sense, but when I listen to it, I think it’s meant to be played a little faster, but played slower, and I think it sounds nice. Similar to Take a Little Ride, it has a very catchy refrain.”

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2. Drink One for Me

“This is a nice song that’s asking his friend(s) to drink a beer (I’m guessing) for me for all the good times we had together. A feel-good cd: fun, emotional, reflective, and encouraging. I recommend you listen to this cd while driving, without interruption.”

1. Walking Away

“This is a song telling someone (probably a girlfriend) to walk away from me instead of trying to help me. I don’t know why, but it’s still a nice song.”