Old Boots New Dirt Songs Ranked

Old Boots, New Dirt is the sixth studio album by American country music artist Jason Aldean. It was released on October 7, 2014 via Broken Bow Records. Its lead single, “Burnin’ It Down”, reached the top of the US Hot Country Songs chart during its second week of availability. The album was produced by Aldean’s longtime producer Michael Knox. The album’s second single, “Just Gettin’ Started”, was released on November 10, 2014. “Tonight Looks Good on You” was released as the album’s third single.[3] “Gonna Know We Were Here” was released as the album’s fourth single. A deluxe edition containing three bonus tracks was available exclusively at Target beginning in 2015. Alongside this, a limited edition contained the DVD concert “Night Train to Georgia.” Here are all of Old Boots New Dirt songs ranked.

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10. Just Gettin’ Started

“Just from the title of the first song, “Just Gettin’ Started,” which is already working on being one of the most overused titles for a song, kicks off the album in a ho-hum manner, offering a solid flow, but thoroughly unremarkable lyricism.”

9. Burnin’ It Down

“After all these albums, this might just be his best from beginning to end. The lyrics sound like he’s telling you what he has been feeling and going thru over the past year or so.”

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8. Sweet Little Somethin’

“He has tracks that make you wanna dance and tracks that make you wanna call your woman and tell her you love her. If you are a fan of any of his past works then this album is a must!!!!”

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7. Tonight Looks Good on You

“Every song Jason Aldean records is soul touching! He has the greatest voice, and knows how to jam! Modern Country lovely loud full sound with a wonderfully authentic voice.”

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6. If My Truck Could Talk

“I’m admittedly biased because I love Jason Aldean’s music, but this is a great album. If you’ve never given yourself the gift of an Aldean album, get this one.”

5. I Took It With Me

“Aldean knocked it out of the park with this one! There is not a bad song on the album. I can’t stop listening. I definitely recommend this album. Jason Aldean does a wonderful job again.”

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4. Miss That Girl

“Just when you think it could never get any better, JA comes along and proves us wrong. I am addicted to this CD – cannot stop listening to it. Smooth, sexy, rough, soft, partying, relaxing, just thinking . . . . it has it all!!!”

3. Two Night Town

“Two Night Town,” detailing Aldean staying three nights in a two night motel, and even the album’s titular song, which seems to hold meaning all of its own.”

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2. Don’t Change Gone

” Jason Aldean, I think will be my new favorite for some time. If you enjoy Jason’s style and/or his choice of music, I would highly recommend this music. Enjoy.”

1. Old Boots, New Dirt

“To me, the significance of the title “Old Boots, New Dirt” is that, for this particular album, Aldean strapped on the same old boots that have guided him towards success but has decided to use those boots to explore unforeseen dirt or dirt he hasn’t personally conquered yet.”