Rearview Town Songs Ranked

Rearview Town is the eighth studio album by American country music singer Jason Aldean. It was released on April 13, 2018 via Broken Bow Records. It debuted at the top of the Billboard 200 chart, becoming Aldean’s fourth consecutive number one album in the United States. As with all of Aldean’s previous albums, Rearview Town was released on Broken Bow Records, with Michael Knox serving as producer. The lead single is “You Make It Easy”, a song that was co-written by both members of Florida Georgia Line. The album includes a total of 15 songs, including a duet with Miranda Lambert. An article in Rolling Stone Country stated that the album’s title track “hits on the theme of leaving the past behind and moving forward to something better.” Here are all of Rearview Town songs ranked.

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10. High Noon Neon

“I first agreed with him sounding like Luke, lovey…After I listened to it the second time,wow..Have it on right now. Don’t let the initial impression fool you. This is one great album!!”

9. Ride All Night

“This is a great album I’ve listened to this album many a times through many of trials in my life and this album does heads at home every time I’ve listened to Jason aldeen since 2006 and his M icon a party album and ever since then I was hooked what can I say”

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8. Better at Being Who I Am

“I used this for myself, and also as a singing lyrics guide. By far Jason Alden top’s the best of all time’s. It’s been in my car for about 3 weeks now and I’m still not tired of it. Great songs throughout.”

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7. Love Me or Don’t

“Jason Aldean never disappoints. Nice mixture of love songs and goodbye songs. Some slow and moody and some that get you up and dancing. Good stuff!”

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6. Drowns the Whiskey

“I love all of his music and he emotes such beautiful feelings from all his songs. I connect memories to song and a lot of his music I have correlated with specific memories or people in my life and hes a wonderful performer as well.”

5. Gettin’ Warmed Up

“There are many “country-hatters” whose albums, published at metronomic intervals, perpetually grind the same immediately identifiable recipe. Jason ALDEAN is an eminent representative of this species. “

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4. Girl Like You

“I have been a Jason Aldean fan since I heard his famous early songs. When I bought his last album, I was very disappointed with the exception of a few songs. I can say now, Jason picked the electric guitar up and ripped on this album!”

3. Dirt to Dust

“A lot of effort and money went into this recording ( artist, writers, producers, engineers, etc) . I can tell because every song is great. If you like rock with a strong country focus then you want this recording, I think all involved in this recording did a great job.”

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2. Set It Off

“Not a bad thing. I expected new style country music with emotion filled lyrics and guitar reminiscent of rock-n-roll. If you like him already pick it up. If you are new to Jason it’s a good place to start.”

1. You Make It Easy

“Every song is awesome even if not written by Jason himself. Only one I have not listened to over and over is “You Make It Easy” only because the radio plays it all the time. Highly recommend!”