Oliver Heldens Songs Ranked

Olivier J. L. Heldens (born 1 February 1995) is a Dutch DJ and electronic music producer from Rotterdam. He is regarded as a pioneer of the future house genre propelling it to international attention and chart successes including “Gecko (Overdrive)”, “Last All Night (Koala)”, “The Right Song”, “Fire in My Soul” and “Turn Me On”. He also produces bass house songs under the alias HI-LO, which comes from “Oli H” in reversed form, and runs the label Heldeep Records. Through February 2021, he is the 460th most streamed artist on Spotify, with over a billion cumulative streams. Here are all of Oliver Heldens’ songs ranked.

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12. Ghost (Ghost, 2018)

“This song is amazing its different and unique. You can feel the beat through your headphones and it’s an awesome song to play at a party. This track is fantastic, I’m really happy to listen to another masterpiece from Oliver.”

11. Stinger (Stinger, 2013)

“It’s awesome that Oliver Heldens can produce both Big Room tracks and Deep/Tech house tracks. I prefer his house tracks but this guy is gonna be huge!”

10. Light Years Away (A Town Called Paradise, 2014)

“The changing bassline is what makes this song special…and of course the melody, make more tracks / remixes like this, Oliver”

Ibiza 77 (Can You Feel It) [The Remixes] - EP by Oliver Heldens on Apple  Music

9. Bunnydance (Bunnydance, 2016)

Hearing this again, always makes me feel like everything is fine no matter how shit your life is. This melody is so weird it got me addicted. Great freaking sound I enjoy it every time!”

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8. Animals (Animals, 2014)

“like what Oliver Heldens is doing, he is trying to bring old school electro back, which in my opinion is better than this big room/hard style trend that is going on. Don’t get me wrong, I still like it, is just EDM has been slowly letting me down since 2011 and now Oliver Heldens is bringing back sounds that made me fall in love with electronic music.”

7. Koala (Koala, 2014)

“Oliver Heldens is honestly the most underrated artist on Spinnin. If deep/future house music was bigger this man would be huge! Amazing song!”

Oliver Heldens - Koala [August 4 - Spinnin Records] | Dance Rebels

6. Waiting (Serious Beats 83, 2016)

“This is Oliver. He makes lots of groovy and unique club bangers using his own style of Future house mixed with other artist’s style like Throttle’s dirty disco.”

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5. Outside (Motion 2014)

“Oliver Helens deserves endless praise and recognition. He’s such an amazing artist and so ahead of his time. Love love love all of his music!”

4. Melody (Melody, 2016)

“I don’t know but there is something with this melody that touches you and you can’t stop listening… It’s so beautiful! It was because of this and another couple of songs that I became interested in and liked electronic music.”

Melody - Single by Oliver Heldens | Spotify

3. Space Sheep (Space Sheep, 2016)

“Really amazing and unexpected collab between Oliver Heldens & Chocolate Puma.. I really love it, coz it has such a beautiful & catchy melody, and that drop.. The kick of it is just incredible.”

2. The Right Song (A Town Called Paradise 2014)

“This style is amazing and every Oliver Heldens song has this feeling. If you remove it, it’s a 90% tiesto song. This song is 100% Tiesto & Oliver Heldens.”

1. Gecko (NRJ Spring Hits 2014, 2014)

“Not joking. This is the best best I’ve ever heard. We need more music like this!!! I always wanna get up and dance when I hear this instrumental”