OU812 Songs Ranked

OU812 (pronounced “Oh You Eight One Two”) is the eighth studio album by American rock band Van Halen. It was released in 1988 and is the second to feature vocalist Sammy Hagar. Van Halen started work on the album in September 1987 and completed it in April 1988, just one month before its release. Just like its predecessor 5150, OU812 hit number 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, the second of four consecutive #1 studio albums for the band. Spurred by four Billboard Hot 100 top-40 singles (Black and Blue, #34; Finish What Ya Started, #13; When It’s Love, #5; and Feels So Good, #35), the album eventually sold over 4 million copies. Here are all of the OU812 songs ranked.

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9. Source of Infection

“Yet another song that just does not get off the ground, I don’t know if the guys rushed just to get this record out on the shelves or they just did’nt care by this point.”

8. Sucker In a 3 Piece

“Very underrated song, not one of the best but solid and awesome solo. Good fast paced rocker that keeps the flow of the record moving nicely, kinda long at almost 6 minutes though and it looses me after a while.”

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7. Mine All Mine

“Perhaps the best tune on the record is the opening Mine All Mine, which just zips and rocks right along. A bit of a darker tune with an infectious keyboard groove to start it off.”

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6. Finish What Ya Started

“My absolute favorite track off the record, and has an overall very different sound than most Van Halen songs, reaches for more of an acoustic feel and Eddie kill with the guitar riff.”

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5. A.F.U. (Naturally Wired)

“Another song that rocks, but lacks that typical Van Halen knockout punch, this song just does not the peak I believe they intended it to.”

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4. Feels So Good

“This song could have been played on your moms favorite music station, it’s a very light type of ballad and has very catchy lyrics and chorus, another album highlight.”

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3. Cabo Wabo

“Here is another highlight from this record, Cabo Wabo has an infectous chorus and party rock lyrics, and to this day is a fan favorite, depending on who is the lead singer of course.”

2. Black and Blue

“Slow paced rocker that seems to carry the effects of the rest of the album, it’s a very good song with a great chorus, but everything on this album seems so drull and grey. This song is a great song though.”

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1. When It’s Love

“Probably the biggest and most known hit off this record, it’s a very catchy power ballad that was typical during the 80’s and while Sammy was at the helm. Very catchy and really good harmonies on the chorus, overall great song.”