Out of the Cellar Songs Ranked

Out of the Cellar is the debut studio album by American glam metal band Ratt. Released in 1984, it was an immediate success, with wide airplay on radio and heavy rotation on MTV of its singles, especially the major hit “Round and Round”. The album is certified as triple platinum by the RIAA. The album brought Ratt to the top of the glam metal scene in Los Angeles. Ratt’s later work would never surpass the success of Out of the Cellar. According to interviews with Beau Hill that were shot for the film Hair I Go Again, Tom Allom was originally slated to produce the record, before the novice Hill was brought in. Here are all of Out of the Cellar songs ranked.

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10. In Your Direction

“Pearcy brought my personal favorite “In Your Direction” from his San Diego Mickey Ratt days. Vey few duds here but as I said before, Ratt would never put out another record as consistently entertaining as `Out of the Cellar'”

9. Scene of the Crime

“Scene of the Crime” is also a bitter song and ends the album on a sour note. Nonetheless, the remaining songs make this a good disc.”

Out Of The Cellar - Album by Ratt | Spotify

8. You’re In Trouble

“Every song has a catchy chorus worthy singing along to (just listen to Your’e In Trouble if ya doubt me) and conjours up images of spandex, makeup, and hairspray.”

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7. She Wants Money

“There’s no pussyfootin’ here; lyrics don’t deal with anything transcendant (“She Wants Money” is about a girl who wants money… who would’ve thought?) and the riffs keep on coming.”

Ratt - “Out of the Cellar” [Retro Album Review] - V13.net

6. The Morning After

“Ratt might only be considered just another “hair metal” band of the 1980’s, but this came out in 1984, long before the term “hair metal” was born. In fact, during this time period, a number of metal bands were coming out of California, and hitting the pop music charts like a hellion.”

5. Lack of Communication

“It’s about the horrible communication between the government and the people. The government do things that the people dont want, and the people do things that the government dont want.”

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4. I’m Insane

” The sleeper song on the album and also perhaps it’s grittiest (perhaps even best) is the Robbin Crosby-penned “I’m Insane”, which pounds fervently with a punkish-attitude that gives Pearcy’s lyrics an air of credibility (something he didn’t always have)”

3. Wanted Man

“Interestingly, the opener “Wanted Man” explodes with huge power chords that seem to be announcing Ratt’s dominance on the sunset-strip (albeit briefly), while the song’s “cowboy/outlaw” lyrical material (handed down from Aerosmith) soon became a reigning commonality in L.A. metal’s radio anthems.”

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2. Back for More

“It’s kinda an old song but I think the girl uses him to make another guy jealous but he knows in the end she will be coming back to him. All his money and shiny stuff can give her what she really wants.”

1. Round and Round

“The kind of song that sounds exactly like what it would be like to watch Neve Campbell break a bottle over somebody’s head in Bruce Springsteen jeans while inserting a quarter into the jukebox. So perfectly, sterilely sexy and mean-muggin’. The ’80s version of a great Meek Mill single.”