Paradise Valley Songs Ranked

Paradise Valley is the sixth studio album by American singer-songwriter John Mayer, released on August 20, 2013 by Columbia Records. Musically, it is similar to his previous album Born and Raised (2012), but also features more musical breaks and instrumentals consisting of electric guitars rather than harmonica. Its title refers to Mayer’s home along the Yellowstone River in Montana’s Paradise Valley, where he has lived since 2012. The album’s first single “Paper Doll” was released on June 18, 2013, followed by “Wildfire” on July 16, 2013, which officially impacted Triple A radio on August 20, 2013. “Who You Love” was released as the third single, impacting Hot AC radio on September 3, 2013.

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10. On the Way Home

“On The Way Home is a perfect way to end this CD. this song deals mainly with endings, such as summer and life’s end. I loved the CD’s progression and how the songs fit perfectly together.”

9. Call Me the Breeze

“Call Me The Breeze is like an upbeat blues song. The lyrics sound like they came straight from a blues song, the background music however is like a jazz song with a guitar instead of a saxophone. A different type of song than was on this album so far but still good.”

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8. I Will Be Found (Lost at Sea)

“If not the best song on this album it is a close second! This song addresses some of the deeper questions of life, and manages to do so in a simple entertaining manor. “maybe I’m a feather in a hurricane” is an example of how John does it. A must listen to!”

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7. You’re No One’til Someone Lets You Down

“You’re No One till someone lets you down- has a country sound to it. This song is one of the faster paced songs on this cd, it goes well with call me the breeze.”

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6. Who You Love

“Who you love”. the best part of this song is near the beginning. It is a slow tempo song with simple lyrics. Paradise Valley is very good. Now I’m ready for a change in the “guitar direction.”

5. Badge and Gun

“Badge And Gun is another great song on this album! I interpreted this song as a plea to the American need for freedom that we all have. It is a mid tempo song with lyrics that make you appreciate all that you take for granted.”

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4. Waitin’ on the Day

“The soft melody and smooth sound of John Mayer’s voice makes it easy to drift off to this song. Its very relaxing and a great song to bring you down after a hard day at work. If you listen to the lyrics it is a very simple yet deep list of things he is waiting for, which gives you a sense of the important things in life.”

3. Paper Doll

“Paper Doll is John’s rebuttal to Taylor swifts “dear john”. The best part is near the end where a newer version of mocking bird is done by john, truly a unique song and definitely worth listening to!”

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2. Wildfire

“Wildfire- Is way to short, good lyrics and paints a vivid picture, but missing about 2 minutes. Its different then his other albums but that’s what you get with John Mayer. Its never the same and I am always excited to hear the changes.”

1. Dear Marie

“This song is a great follow up to wildfire! It truly gives you a sense of John Myers humble beginnings and how he grew to be the star that he is today. What i loved about this slow tempo song is that it reminds you that celebrities were once just normal people, and still are once you get past the media hype.”