Pennywise Albums Ranked

Pennywise is an American punk rock band from Manhattan Beach, California, formed in 1988. The band took its name from the evil clown monster from the Stephen King horror novel It. Pennywise’s current line-up consists of Jim Lindberg (vocals), Fletcher Dragge (guitars), Randy Bradbury (bass), and Byron McMackin (drums). They had kept their original line-up together until bassist Jason Thirsk died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in 1996, due to issues with his alcoholism, after which Bradbury joined as his replacement. In August 2009, Lindberg decided to leave the band; he was replaced in February 2010 by Ignite singer Zoli Téglás. With Téglás, the band recorded their tenth studio album All or Nothing, which was released on May 1, 2012. Lindberg rejoined the band later that year after Téglás was sidelined by a back injury. Here are all of Pennywise’s albums ranked.

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10. Land Of The Free? (2001)

Pennywise - Land Of The Free? | Epitaph Records

“This is one of those rare albums that contains no fillers. If you want to listen to a CD that packs a punch from beginning to end, this is a must have. I have been a punk rock fan from the early days & had the pleasure of being totally immersed in the Lower East Side of NYC scene in the late 70’s & early 80’s. This albums harkens back to the days of early Ramones, The Clash, & Sex Pistols. Angry driving music with a social commentary – that’s what punk rock has always been all about & this one won’t disappoint. The production quality is right on – no over producing or special effects. Hard pounding rhythm section, powerful guitar, & easy to understand vocals that carry a message.”

9. Straight Ahead (1999)

Straight Ahead - Pennywise: Musik-CDs & Vinyl

“Hardcore punk bands can tend to repeat themselves with an overabundance of noisy guitar chords. With “Straight Ahead,” this Hermosa Beach band delivered more than just a hardcore punkfest. They brought a whole culture of punk skateboarding and edgy emotional rage.”

8. Full Circle (1997)

Pennywise - Full Circle | Epitaph Records

“Words cannot describe how good this album is, except this the part where you have to use words to describe how good it is. It’s seriously really good!!! Fast, angry, fantastic! One of my all time fave albums.”

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7. Yesterdays (2014)

Pennywise - Yesterdays | Epitaph Records

“Loved this album, It was definitely underrated in my opinion. I was super surprised that I didn’t have this when it first came out back then. If you enjoy pennywise you’ll like this a lot, Takes you back to the early roots as stated in the description. Get it you won’t be disappointed at least I wasn’t.”

6. Unknown Road (1993)

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“A slightly more energetic side of the band, but at the same time not all too well produced album. It seems the band has had a bit bad luck with the producing, as some are overproduced, and this one has a slightly too thin and raw sound for my likes. Yet the band has got good energy, and actually here they still were doing a slightly more punky thing than later in their carreer. And they also have thrown in a bit of creativity to this one, which makes it a bit different from the other albums, even though this one also has a solid Pennywise stamp on it.”

5. About Time (1995)

Pennywise - About Time | Références, Avis, Crédits | Discogs

“I loved the intensity & honesty, this band always brings it. They are truly a band for the people! I saw them play at the `96 Warped tour, they incited a riot and stole the show. There are not many bands that walk it & talk it like these guys. In my opinion they are what punk is supposed to be and have been carrying that genre for the past 30 years.”

4. Wildcard / A Word From The Wise (1992)

Wild Card/A Word From The Wise by Pennywise (1995-04-16) - Music

“This is my favorite pennywise release and is a great punk record. I found this one at a pawn shop for a few dollars and bought it not knowing what to expect since I had never heard of this before. It turned to be a great record. I think everyone who likes pennywise or punk should give this one a spin.”

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3. All Or Nothing (2012)

Pennywise, Pennywise, Randy Bradbury, Byron McMackin, Fletcher Dragge, Zoli  Teglas, Cameron Webb - All or Nothing - Music

“The rebirth of Pennywise. Such a good vox that energizes the rest of the group. They weren’t slouches either. You’ll hear some similarity to The Offspring. All or Nothing , Revolution, Let Us Hear Your Voice. .,,, theres like two or three songs that are sorta shmoo ; Overall I’d throw out the Star Spangled Banner from the National Archives for selections off this album. Politically Conscious album with all the good flavors of Pennywise riffing and drums. Get it”

2. From The Ashes (2003)

Pennywise - From The Ashes | Epitaph Records

“Pennywise has long since been my favorite. We’ve spent more time together than any band I’ve ever listened (except maybe Bad Religion). Almost ten years since I heard my first Pennywise album “About Time”, I find that their latest release “From The Ashes”, is just as amazing as anything previous they’ve done.”

1. Pennywise (1991)

Pennywise – Pennywise (CD) - Discogs

“Everytime someone mentions skate punk, this band comes to mind instantaneously. Their self-titled debut is super fast, and agressive in every way punk should be, but the lyrics are about depression and how to keep your head up and be hopeful. You can tell that these guys were in it for life.”