Rusted Root Songs Ranked

Rusted Root is an American worldbeat rock band formed in 1990 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, by singer-guitarist Michael Glabicki (born January 21, 1969), bassist Patrick Norman and percussionist Liz Berlin. The band got its start as the house band playing a weekly gig in Jack’s Back Room on Pittsburgh’s South Side. The band achieved fame in 1994 with its platinum-selling album When I Woke, which included the hit single “Send Me on My Way”. The song has been featured prominently in many films and commercials. Rusted Root has sold more than three million albums, and is currently on hiatus. The band is known for its fusion of acoustic, rock, world, and other styles of music, with a strong percussion section that draws from African, Latin American, and Native American influences. Michael Glabicki has acknowledged the popular success of Peter Gabriel’s 1986 album So as an influence on his decision to incorporate worldbeat into his own music. The band’s lyrical content varies but often talks about Christianity and Judaism. The group’s 2012 album, The Movement, was fan-funded. Here are all of the Rusted Root songs ranked.

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10. Suspicious Minds (Stereo Rodeo, 2009)

“This is one of my favorite songs and I love Rusted Root”s version. The vocals are strong; however a live version I heard had stronger drums and back up vocals. I enjoy this very much.”

9. Cat Turned Blue (Cruel Sun, 1992)

“This is a “must have” CD if you’re a fan of great music. Rusted Root is a great live show and this CD has lots of their best songs.”

8. Artificial Winter (Welcome to My Party, 2002)

“This is truly an amazing album. Though it is different from Rusted Root’s other albums, fans will not be disappointed. In a word, beautiful. Absolutely and completely beautiful.”

7. Food & Creative Love (When I Woke, 1994)

“Listenable release, but i found it only decent for background music. The band has a pretty tribal sound, uplifting melodies (many of which are far too predictable) and some pretty enjoyable singing. It is a pretty boring album, but it is enjoyable for its most part.”

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6. Beautiful People (When I Woke, 1994)

“The first song I heard by RR that was astounding and awesome inducing the first time I heard it was “Blue Diamonds” Then I finally found out WHO it was played by, time went on and I did no further research. About 2 months ago I was using my MP3 player and I looked up that song again…….WOW, since then I have been immersing myself in Rusted Root! No other band that I have ever heard even comes CLOSE to their inspiring listening enjoyment!”

5. Martyr (Cruel Sun, 1992)

“The CD has such a natural sound to it, so unadulterated by remixing and other nonsense, no synthesisers or other artificial ingredients, all 100% real. FUN to listen to. the best song is Martyr, which sounds even better then it does on When I Woke.”

4. Ecstasy (When I Woke, 1994)

“For me, when I listen to this song I picture it is about how European settlers came to America with their ideas of this “New World” trying to force their way and ideologies on the Native Americans. The meeting with the Europeans became a disaster for the native Americans. Through fraud, violence and war they were down suppressed and denied.”

3. Back to the Earth (Cruel Sun, 1992)

“As an electronic music fan, I’ve always been a stickler for recording quality and a technically refined sound. Well guess what? This disc has neither and is about the most charming thing I own. It hasn’t left my changer since I got it. The songs are very rough – many of them have seen more refined versions appear on later Root albums – but nothing except perhaps for When I Woke has the same kind of jam band charm as this disc.”

2. Drum Trip (When I Woke, 1994)

“This song is pure energy in musical format. Put the track on, crank it up, and live. I have been listening to Rusted Root for quite a while now, and somehow had never listened to this CD. I never knew what I was missing. This CD is great.”

1. Send Me On My Way (The Theory Of Flight, 1990)

“Very unique sound. Singer sings so fast you can’t understand what he’s saying, but it doesn’t matter. His voice is unique, quirky and the background music makes you want to move. It is a joyful piece that just makes me feel good!”