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Sacrifice is the twelfth studio album by British rock band Motörhead. It was released on 27 March 1995 via SPV/Steamhammer, the band’s first release on the label. It is the second and final album to feature the four-piece lineup of Lemmy, Phil Campbell, Würzel, and Mikkey Dee, as Würzel left the band after the album’s recording. The band went into the studio with some great songs, Lemmy recalls, although “Sex & Death” was written in ten minutes on the last day of recording, “In Another Time” was altered beyond all recognition and there were three sets of lyrics for “Make ‘Em Blind”. Dee and Campbell didn’t realise that “Out of the Sun” was only two and half verses and had rehearsed it as such but Lemmy added another section when nobody else was around, with him playing bass and Jamie, his guitar roadie, playing guitar. He then gave the others a tape of it. According to Lemmy, when Würzel played it in the rental car he nearly drove off the road. “Make ‘Em Blind” came from improvisation, with Campbell recording the solo in one take, falling over the couch and onto his back laughing uproariously. Lemmy states that the album contains more nonsense than most of the previous album – the lyrics don’t mean anything you can really get a hold of – but that they convey the mood, especially the title track and “Out of the Sun”. “Dog Face Boy” is about Campbell, but Lemmy decided that only after having written it, likening the line “Poor boy out your mind again/Jet plane outside looking for another friend” to Campbell’s habit of quickly hitting town and looking for fun after getting off the plane. Here are all of Sacrifice’s songs ranked.

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11. Make ‘Em Blind

“Make ‘Em Blind, starts off with what sounds like a tribal drum beat. But the song never really picks up, it just stays the course, unlike the rest of the album (heavy, fast paced, to even a groove metal sounding pace) this song just drags on and is the second weak track.”

10. Dog Face Boy

“‘Dog Face Boy’ is a fun, up tempo stomp of a song, apparently based on guitarist Phil Campbell and his habit of hitting the town and looking for booze-driven fun after landing in wherever Motorhead tours.”

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9. Don’t Waste Your Time

“Don’t Waste Your Time, a classic rock in roll feeling and yet it has a fast paced heavy metal feeling makes this track unique. I love the addition of the piano and the other instruments.”

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8. Order/Fade to Black

“Order/Fade to Black, quite possibly the most dreadful sounding track off this album, it is really cool that they decided to use a gang vocal shout with the chorus on this song. It adds to the power then the song picks up to a fast paced rocker.”

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7. In Another Time

“In Another Time, starts off in typical Motorhead fashion, its a decent track, better than the two weaker ones and still adds depth to the album.”

6. Sex & Death

“Sex and Death even though it only runs at 2:02 seconds this track has to bust its tail just to finish in that given time, its one of the fastest tracks off the album, the only bad thing is the song ends really soon.”

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5. Out of the Sun

“This track starts to build up and then BOOM! The song explodes into a mid-pace rocker, but this track has the most epic chorus from the guys. Of all the Motorhead albums, this one is the most underrated and is a must buy for anyone that loves this band or that loves heavy metal and rock n roll done right.”

4. War for War

“War for War is the fourth track on this freight train of an album, this track thunders with a force that should have been noticed by everyone that listens to metal or rock, the only think I dont really like about this is the continued overuse of the words “war for war” but that doesn’t stop it from being a good track, in fact, it has a good guitar solo as well.”

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3. Over Your Shoulder

“‘Over Your Shoulder’ has an awesomely heavy, groovy, Blues-based riff which is made even better by Lemmy’s trademark gravelly growl and awesome guitar tone.”

2. All Gone to Hell

“All Gone to Hell, another heavy track I assure you this will not disappoint. I also like how the song ends with the chorus, it makes it even more powerful.”

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1. Sacrifice

“The title tracks is basically a thrash metal song…MOTORHEAD style and sets the tone and overall mood of the album. Heavy, frantic, dirty, heavy and ominous sounding. The lyrics, according to Lemmy were made more to compliment the atmosphere or mood of the music as opposed to telling a particiular story or tale.”