Saves The Day Songs Ranked

Saves the Day is an American rock band from Princeton, New Jersey, formed in 1997. The band currently consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Chris Conley, guitarist Arun Bali, and bassist Rodrigo Palma. After forming under the name Sefler in 1994, Saves the Day released their debut studio album, Can’t Slow Down, in 1998. It was followed by Through Being Cool (1999), which featured their first single, “Shoulder to the Wheel”. Stay What You Are was released in 2001, peaking at number 100 on the Billboard 200. It spawned two successful music videos on MTV2, for the singles “At Your Funeral” and “Freakish”, and has since sold 300,000 copies. After the success of Stay What You Are, Saves the Day signed to Dreamworks Records, who co-released their next studio album, In Reverie, with Vagrant Records. The album peaked at number 27 on the Billboard 200 and number 4 on the Independent Albums chart. Their latest LP, titled ‘9’, was released on October 26 in 2018. Here are all of Saves The Day songs ranked.

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12. Daybreak (Daybreak, 2011)

“Powerful vocals… and a real prayer in a refugee’s heart. No doubt a masterpiece of an artist… who will be well known in the coming sunshine.”

11. Nightingale (Stay What You Are, 2001)

“The best punk rock song of the world! The beat, the lyrics, mainly.. They just get me somewhere out of this world!”

10. Rocks Tonic Juice Magic (Through Being Cool, 1999)

“The song is beyond EPICNESS, seriously it has an insane riff, powerful lyrics and an invigorating melody. The impact and melody is just so catchy and hard to get out of your head.

9. Hold (Ups & Downs: Early Recordings and B-Sides, 2004)

“This song keeps me motivated to live young and being happy. Amazing song, really gets the adrenaline running. Plus, lyrics are very meaningful and truly inspiring.”

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8. This Is Not an Exit (Stay What You Are, 2001)

“Sums up my life so far. Brilliant song and thought-provoking lyrics. The song isn’t incredibly hardcore, but still amazing to listen to.”

7. Remember (Saves the Day, 2013)

“I love this song, everything the lyrics, the melody, the rhythm, the music video movements, and also this was the first song I heard from them.”

6. Freakish (Stay What You Are, 2001)

“The lyrics to this song are so true, brilliant songwriting, brilliant melody, the singing is unmistakably amazing and inspiring. This song carries a story many can relate to, I absolutely LOVE this song,”

5. Anywhere With You (In Reverie, 2003)

“It touches your heart. The melody and the lyrics, just all of it really leaves with you with something left to think about. Without a doubt their best song! And one of the best song I’ve ever heard for that matter.”

4. Sell My Old Clothes, I’m Off To Heaven (Ups & Downs: Early Recordings and B-Sides, 2004)

“This is an excellent song. One of the most memorable and powerful songs by Saves The Day. I was listening to the album and when this song played it caught my attention.”

3. Firefly (Stay What You Are, 2001)

“This song pulls on every possible heart string. From the simple guitar and the soulful voice to the absolutely amazing lyrics, this song is perfection.”

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2. Shoulder to the Wheel (Through Being Cool, 1999)

“Very good song with good lyrics. I think the theme is really important and true. one of my favourite songs! Great acoustic feel and the lyrics tell a haunting story in a way.”

1. At Your Funeral (Stay What You Are, 2001)

“I had to tears in my eyes then I heard it the first time. It’s an a song with many emotions. It’s maybe the best song I ever heard from them.”