Ministry Songs Ranked

Ministry is an American industrial metal band founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1981 by producer, singer, and instrumentalist Al Jourgensen. Originally a synth-pop outfit, Ministry evolved into one of the pioneers of industrial metal in the late 1980s. The band’s lineup has changed frequently, leaving Jourgensen as the sole original member left in Ministry. Musicians who have contributed to the band’s studio or live activities include vocalists Nivek Ogre, Chris Connelly, Gibby Haynes, and Burton C. Bell, guitarists Mike Scaccia and Tommy Victor, bassists Paul Barker, Paul Raven, Jason Christopher, Tony Campos, and Paul D’Amour, drummers Bill Rieflin, Martin Atkins, Rey Washam, and Roy Mayorga, keyboardist John Bechdel, and rappers and producers DJ Swamp and Arabian Prince. The band has been nominated for six Grammy Awards and has performed at several music festivals, including the second annual Lollapalooza tour in 1992, co-headlining Big Day Out in 1995, and performing at Wacken Open Air thrice (in 2006, 2012, and 2016). Here are all of Ministry songs ranked.

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20. Permawar (From Beer to Eternity, 2013)

“A lot of Ministry sounds the same but this song sticks out. Same solid industrial sound that Ministry is great at but still unique. No song sounds like this. It’s awesome.”

19. Every Day Is Halloween (Twelve Inch Singles (1981–1984), 1987)

“This song is pure genius and I doubt that I will ever find a song quite like this one. Lyrics are perfect & the beat insane!”

18. Bad Blood (The Matrix: Music from the Motion Picture, 1999)

“I can’t say how much I love this song, I just love it so much that its hard to explain. For all you people out there who know this song and know what it means, thank you.”

17. Effigy (I’m Not An) (With Sympathy, 1983)

“Awesome song and the lyrics is great too. It has been my favorite song for a while and I listen to it at least 10 times per day. I love it.”

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16. Supermanic Soul (Dark Side of the Spoon, 1999)

“The lyrics and melody are fantastic. The greatest most super awesome song ever written by Rise Against. It has both fast and slow parts which makes it fun to listen to. The beat is very nice which makes the song even better.”

15. Filth Pig (Filth Pig, 1996)

“One of the greatest MInistry songs ever. It has great music and great lyrics to match. It has slow and fast parts to make it even better. I recommend it to be one of the best songs ever made.”

14. What About Us (Greatest Fits, 2001)

“Song written for the A.I. soundtrack. They are the band playing in the woods at the robot destruction event. Certainly gets me fired up!”

13. Burning Inside (The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste, 1989)

“It’s an Incredible song. Definitely my favorite because of the awesome fast and slow parts throughout. Plus the beat is like contagious.”

12. Psalm 69 (Psalm 69, 1992)

“Commentary on the dangers of blind faith. Also a sick, epic sounding song! When you close your eyes and listen to it, it gives you the feeling that you’re living something extraordinary, an adventure.”

11. So What (The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste, 1989)

“This is a great song that is easy to sing along with. It’s a Awesome song that everyone should listen to. When you close your eyes and listen to it, it gives you the feeling that you’re living something extraordinary, an adventure.”

10. Corrosion (Psalm 69, 1992)

“This was the first song I heard from them and I gotta say, It’s awesome! The beat is awesome and can really make you dance anytime anywhere!”

9. Revenge (With Sympathy, 1983)

“I love a little bit from all eras of Ministry. Every album has a song, or songs, that I love. But I am in the minority who LOVES With Sympathy. It comes to personal taste, some come to Ministry for the Land of Rape of Honey to Psalm 69 era, some Filth Pig to Present, and some just all of it. Personally I love 80’s alt/new wave/synth pop and metal.”

8. Double Tap (Relapse, 2012)

“This is an amazing song. A friend introduced it to me and I’ve loved it ever since. It never gets old, and is just great all-round.”

7. Hero (Psalm 69, 1992)

“Such an amazing song, has everything about it, the change in tempo and pitch is perfection! Its at the top for a reason!”

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6. No W (Houses of the Molé, 2004)

“Remarkable song. The melody and the lyrics just intersect wonderfully. The guitar and drums are upbeat yet the lyrics are tragic. A perfect blend.”

5. Stigmata (The Land of Rape and Honey, 1988)

“It is the best of best… heart pounding lyrics with great meaning truly fantastic. Awesome. This song is great… Extreme power and good lyrics”

4. Thieves (The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste, 1989)

“Best song, it’s what turned me on to the band. As soon as I heard it I knew I had to figure out who this was and what other magic they had created”

3. Just One Fix (Psalm 69, 1992)

“Just simply amazing, the lyrics make you feel something and the whole song just gets you pumped up. As soon as the first riff starts playing it takes me somewhere else. Everything about it just rocks! Pure perfection.”

2. N.W.O. (Psalm 69, 1992)

“A Heavy one, which makes it special, nice vocals, quite recognizable one. Simply awesome. I could listen to this song all day without ever getting bored.”

1. Jesus Built My Hotrod (Psalm 69, 1992)

“Fast paced song good for road trips! Excellent voice. It gets stuck in your head. When a song gets stuck in your head it’s gonna be one of your favorites.”