Sebastian Yatra Songs Ranked

Sebastián Obando Giraldo (born 15 October 1994), known professionally as Sebastián Yatra, is a Colombian singer and songwriter. He began as a Latin pop artist and has recorded many ballads, but has released several successful reggaeton singles. Yatra is noted for his romantic lyrics, melding traditional lyricism with modern reggaeton influences. He rose to prominence in Latin America in 2016 when he released the hit “Traicionera”. He has released two studio albums and recorded with artists from a diverse range of musical genres throughout his career. Born in Medellín and raised primarily in Miami, Yatra began singing at a young age and returned to Colombia to begin his musical career. He achieved breakout success with “Traicionera” followed by “Robarte un Beso” featuring Carlos Vives. “Traicionera” served as the lead single for his 2018 debut album, Mantra, which also featured the single “Sutra”, featuring Puerto Rican rapper Dalmata. He then released the album Fantasia including the lead single “Un Año” featuring Mexican band Reik. He received continued success collaborating with Daddy Yankee, Natti Natasha, and the Jonas Brothers on the bilingual single “Runaway”. Here are all of Sebastian Yatra’s songs ranked.

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10. Locura (Locura, 2020)

“Latin music. Cease the moment and enjoy listening to this. Total relaxation. Hope to see more of this artiste in the UK. Unknown to me until I heard Gary Barlow and Michael Buble collaborate with Sebastian. Impressed by Sebastian’s musical composure”

9. Traicionera (Extended Play Yatra, 2017)

“Could listen to it on repeat for hours, in all honesty. Such a beautiful song. Definitely the best. Has a great drop, and has unexpected elements.”

8. Adiós (Adiós, 2021)

“This song reminds me of some wonderful memories and make me want to plan some new memories with that some one special. I can listen to this song over and over again.”

Sebasti n Yatra - MANTRA - Music

7. Un Año (Fantasía, 2019)

“This song is rather new but it has such a catchy beat. I mean the pre-chorus has a great lead into a chorus, which lays down a funky beat that’s love to my ears.”

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6. No Bailes Sola (K.O., 2021)

“This guy is so talented. I love his music and even the remix. He is so cute. No offense but he looks so innocent. The lyrics are so powerful, give me chills every time, maybe best song ever, any genre”

5. No Hay Nadie Más (No Hay Nadie Más (Remix), 2018)

“This song makes me want to get up from my seat and dance, it brings so much happiness. Someone needs to make a club that only plays throwbacks like this.”

Sebastian Yatra - Fantasia (Vinyl) | Sebastian yatra, Fantasia, Sebastian

4. Bajo La Mesa (Bajo La Mesa, 2020)

“It’s so good! I’m addicted to this, its really suited for clubbing and singing and dancing and fun. This song is one of the coolest song and no doubt that it make me dance when ever I hear it.”

3. Robarte un Beso (Mantra, 2018)

“This song is awesome, one of my favorite songs to listen to anytime. Catchy melody, sweet, innocent lyrics, great voices. What’s not to like?”

2. Chica Ideal (Hecho x Sebas: ¡Vamos de Fiesta!, 2021)

“This song is really awesome… It has got awesome beats. It makes me dance when I hear it. It should be at the top. This song is better. I never get bored if I keep hearing it.”

Chica Ideal by Sebastián Yatra & Guaynaa on Amazon Music -

1. Pareja Del Año (Pareja Del Año, 2021)

“One of my favorites from him! The melodic drop gets me every. single. time. The chords and leads have just so much emotion in them! I love it!”