Sevendust Albums Ranked

Sevendust is an American rock band from Atlanta, Georgia, formed in 1994 by bassist Vince Hornsby, drummer Morgan Rose, and guitarist John Connolly. After their first demo, lead vocalist Lajon Witherspoon and guitarist Clint Lowery joined the group. Following a few name changes, the members settled on the name Sevendust and released their self-titled debut album on April 15, 1997, which sold only 310 copies in its first week but ultimately achieved gold certification through touring and support from their label, TVT Records. Since formation, Sevendust have attained success with three consecutive RIAA gold-certified albums, a Grammy nomination, and have sold millions of records worldwide. The group has released a total of thirteen studio albums, including a reissue of their debut as Sevendust: Definitive Edition, which contains five new tracks and a DVD. Here are all of Sevendust albums ranked.

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10. Alpha (2007)

Alpha (Explicit Content U.S. Version) - Album by Sevendust | Spotify

“Sevendust really got their mojo back on this one. Probably the most out-and-out vicious album they’ve made, it really sounds like they were out to prove a point on this one. Some very well-constructed riffs, a top vocal effort from Lajon Witherspoon and palpable energy and aggression throughout make for an engaging hard rock record.”

9. All I See Is War (2018)

All I See Is War - Album by Sevendust | Spotify

8. Next (2005)

Sevendust - Next - Music

“Sevendust are probably one of the best bands live. They are very enthusiastic and are very involved with the crowd. They have a great time every time. Next is a decent record, not their best but not their worst. “Hero”, “Ugly”, “Silence”, and “Shadows in Red” are all great tracks. “This Life” has good music but lyrically, it’s not really happening for me. Some of the other tracks sound the same though.”

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7. Blood & Stone (2020)

Blood & Stone - Album by Sevendust | Spotify

“This album sort of echoes ‘All I See Is War’, just a little less hard hitting and a bit duller; most of the songs are good, it gets a little soft in the middle, and ‘Against The World’ fills that role of the hardest track on the album, similar to ‘Risen’ on the previous album. John and Morgan’s vocal presences are a little lacking, Clint keeps heavy with his wonky whiny carnival-sounding riffs that he’s been using on albums since around 2012, and Lajon is in a higher register most of the album. For me, it almost feels like Clint and Lajon have lost their edge on ‘Blood & Stone’ and makes yearn more for another Projected album where John can be crazy, loud and free.”

6. Seasons (2003)

Sevendust - Seasons Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius

“One of the best Sevendust albums without a doubt. I realize several things about this album, these guys take the Nu Metal style and not only run with it, but honestly use wear out to the point that all other Nu Metal bands can give up because they do it all on this album, honestly, these guys are Nu Metal perfection, but considered how many feel about Nu Metal and how bastard it has become, I understand how saying ‘Nu Metal perfection’ isn’t impressive even to a brain dead hipster monkey or metal purist.”

5. Black Out The Sun (2013)

Black Out The Sun - Album by Sevendust | Spotify

“One of the best 2013 releases thus far. I was a casual fan of their first outing and it’s grown a lot on me, driving around blasting it. I’ve heard Decay quite a few times on the radio before the album came out, thought it held up pretty damn well against their other stuff and possibly even better. I snagged it up two days ago, and I’m on my fourth listen currently.”

4. Animosity (2001)

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“My personal favorite Sevendust album. It’s very nostalgic for me, but I also legitimately love the songs on here. I used to listen to a bunch of Nu Metal type bands back in high school, but I’ve fallen out of that genre, but I still actively like what Sevendust is doing. They make melodic, yet head banging, good tunes. It’s hard to pick favorites on this album, but I would highly recommend “Trust”, “X-man Day”, and “Beautiful”. The whole album is consistent throughout and without filler in my opinion.”

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3. Kill The Flaw (2015)

Kill The Flaw - Album by Sevendust | Spotify

“Kill the Flaw by Sevendust is one of my favorites from the band. It sounds like Black Out the Sun, more groove metal than nu metal. The whole album makes you want to head bang. Although there are many melodic moments, the intensity never lets up. The production is very good. The drums are forward in the mix, without being too loud. Highlights are the title track, Death Dance, Peace and Destruction. The bonus track Slave the Prey is also great.”

2. Sevendust (1997)

Sevendust - Sevendust (Definitive Edition) Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius

“Sevendust’s eponymous is the best debut LP, I think. I intended to write this review about exploring this album genre in particular. This album was released back in 1997 around the start of nu-metal movement and unfortunately they were cited as among the “forefathers” of nu-metal which is debatable. This album is not nu-metal in whole.”

1. Home (1999)

Sevendust – Home (1999, Digipak, CD) - Discogs

“One of the best “jumpdafuckup” metal albums out there. Usually whenever I’m inclined to spin a Sevendust album, it’s usually the more raw debut, but gave Home a full listen for the first time in years and it holds up as a close second. It’s more polished, but in a way that gives more punch to the guitar which benefits the nu metal style that they got on this album. Also I can swear I hear the bass rattling in some of the songs on here, which is an added bonus.”