Three Days Grace Songs Ranked

Three Days Grace is a Canadian rock band formed in Norwood, Ontario in 1997. Based in Toronto, the band’s original line-up consisted of guitarist and lead vocalist Adam Gontier, drummer and backing vocalist Neil Sanderson, and bassist Brad Walst. In 2003, Barry Stock was recruited as the band’s lead guitarist, making them a four-member band. In 2013, Gontier left the band and was replaced by My Darkest Days vocalist Matt Walst, who is also the younger brother of bassist Brad Walst. Currently signed to RCA Records, they have released six studio albums, each at three-year intervals: Three Days Grace in 2003, One-X in 2006, Life Starts Now in 2009, Transit of Venus in 2012, Human in 2015, and Outsider in 2018. The first three albums have been RIAA certified 2x platinum, 3x platinum, and platinum, respectively, in the United States. In Canada, they have been certified by Music Canada as platinum, double platinum, and platinum, respectively. The band has had 15 No. 1 song on the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart, and three No. 1 hit on Alternative Songs. Here are all Three Days Grace songs ranked.

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20. No More (Life Starts Now, 2009)

“I have literally went days straight listening to this song, it has a melodic guitar intro but then it gets a little heavy, it is full of Adam Gontier’s signature distortion sound and his melodic vocals, you will also hear him harmonizing with himself. The lyrics are easily relatable to most people and is very mesmerizing. “

19. Painkiller (Human, 2015)

“This is the classical Three Days Grace comeback song. With their brand new lead vocalist Matt Walst. He has such a fresh voice. This song is amazing. Makes me want to hit the replay button over and over again. Three days grace forever.”

18. The High Road (Transit of Venus, 2012)

“This song is about getting yourself outta problem with the help of the one you love, and the answer will that person help you or not will make you realize are you as important to that person as that person is important to you. Love this song”

17. I Am Machine (Human, 2015)

“This song kicks ass! Yes, it might not have Adam but he’s done with 3 days grace now so they needed an new replacement any the new guy rocks, not as much as Adam but still. Awesome melody, great guitar work”

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16. Last to Know (Life Starts Now, 2009)

“This is one of their softer songs, and it just really touches my emotions. The ending verses are brilliant, for the song takes you through the story until the moment the singer retaliates (perhaps too strong of a word? ) and gets over his lost love. The flood of emotion and angst is just breath-taking.”

15. Chalk Outline (Transit of Venus, 2012)

“Kicking off as Dubstep (laugh out loud) then moving on to a fantastic Rock song with amazing vocals and music Adam attacks the song brutally this time and experiments his voice levels making the song a good combination of singing, Barry adds a touch of electronic rock and a good fast Solo and Niel adds some epic drumming to the song along with Brad’s usual awesome bass.”

14. Gone Forever (One-X, 2006)

“I have been listening to three days grace since I discovered rock music about a year ago, this song has to be in the top 5 with how emotional and great his vocals are. It’s not their heaviest but damn sure good.”

13. The Good Life (Life Starts Now, 2009)

“The Good Life all the way. I have no idea how this song isn’t in the top 5. Everything about this song is amazing. I can personally relate to the lyrics, “All I want is a little of the good life”.. Three Days Grace is an amazing band and this is an amazing song.”

12. Over and Over (One-X, 2006)

“It’s the first song I heard from three days grace and for this song I’m a three days grace freak now. I think it deserves to be at the top. The meaning is really good and the music is awesome too.”

11. Get Out Alive (One-X, 2006)

“I believe this one and never to late go well together just this the first line of this song has so much feeling “this is my last time he said as he faded away don’t put your life in someone else’s hands their bound to steal it away” I mean this is a great song all around.”

10. World So Cold (Life Starts Now, 2009)

“This song is absolutely fantastic. It came around at just the time when I needed it most when I was trying to get over some troubles in my personal life with a friend. I still get emotional listening to it today.”

9. Just Like You (Three Days Grace, 2003)

“In my opinion, this is a song about thinking that one person was trying to guide you through obstacles, but then realizing that, that person is just abusing you and does not care about you at all. You finally stand up for yourself against that person (or any kind of true horrible person) using the same actions he/she used on you.”

8. Home (Three Days Grace, 2003)

“This kick ass song has great lyrics and voice by Adam and epic background music. When I first heard this it made my day or well my month! The emotional impact and the fact that it’s a kickass metal song really gives it a high spot.”

7. Pain (One-X, 2006)

“I listen to this when I feel empty inside. I’ve been diagnosed with depression, so this song is something I really can relate to and it lifts my spirits more and more. Great job guys, you did an amazing job with this song!”

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6. Break (Life Starts Now, 2009)

“I love the way he makes the background music makes the singing and the lyrics of the song the main point of the song. It makes it seem more realistic. I love how he says he wants to run away.”

5. Riot (One-X, 2006)

“I love it. I listen to it when I’m pissed off or in a bad mood, and it helps me a lot! I can listen to it even when I am happy. The music is just perfect! When I listen to it, I really want to make a riot! Wow I love this song, it should be at least on third place! It makes me feel energetic and dynamic.”

4. Time of Dying (One-X, 2006)

“The song encourages me! It has deep but catchy lyrics. I think the meaning of this song is when we feel broken, raged or betrayed don’t try to attempt suicide because there must be a special person who will be our light, who make us feel alive and we will probably try not to die for that special person who is trying to encourage us.”

3. I Hate Everything About You (Three Days Grace, 2003)

“Just love it! It sounds really dark and shallow, but when you listen to it, you find out it’s just an awesome song, and in fact, the lyrics are true for most of us! Fantastic vocals, as well”

2. Never Too Late (One-X, 2006)

“Amazing song with amazing lyrics. As a person who once had suicidal thoughts, this song appeals to me, and so many other people. A friend had played this song for me during my dark era, and it made me happy. This song is just right for you when your life is in a time of darkness, or even just any other day. Do yourself a favor and listen to this song. You won’t regret a second of it!”

1. Animal I Have Become (One-X, 2006)

“This song is amazing. It makes me feel really good because of its truthfulness. Its true, I’m an animal and I can’t change the way I am. If You’ve seen the darker side of me help me tame it, don’t run away. This song is WOW, can’t put it into words. Best song, without a doubt.”