Siamese Dream Songs Ranked

Siamese Dream is the second studio album by American alternative rock band the Smashing Pumpkins, released on July 27, 1993 on Virgin Records. The album has received widespread acclaim by audiences and critics alike, with the album’s musical influences and lyrical material standing out compared to other alternative records released during its time. The album has since been considered “one of the finest alt-rock albums of all time”. In addition to receiving widespread critical acclaim upon its release, Siamese Dream has widely been regarded as one of the greatest albums of the 1990s, and one of the greatest albums of all time. Rolling Stone magazine has ranked it between numbers 341 – 362 on various versions of their 500 Greatest Albums of All Time list. Here are all of Siamese Dream songs ranked.

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13. Sweet Sweet

Sweet Sweet is an oddity, but nice on the ears. And after Silverfuck, I really don’t mind its placement either. Its melody gets stuck in my head pretty easily. If the song had been longer, it might even be somewhat of an earworm.”

12. Silverfuck

“By notable extent the longest song on the album, and lord does it feel the longest, but it feels like a logical step up from Window Paine’s alternativeness. Messier, more careless, with Jimmy at the top of his game. I love the fuck out of this song, as it manages to surprise around every sonic corner. “

11. Luna

“Luna, is another look at the other side of the Pumpkins, showcasing again they are able to write beautiful guitar pop songs. There isn’t much that beats listening to this while being in love and singing along to the final verse. Singing along also works as an expression of myself that I am in love with The Smashing Pumpkins, because I am. And I always will be.”

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10. Spaceboy

“A heart-warming, personal song about Corgan’s half-brother, Jesse, who had been born with mental complications, aka the titular spaceboy. Opting again, like Disarm, for an acoustic sound, this reminds me a little of Crush on Gish, which I love, while also holding the promise of further acoustic perfection that is achieved on later songs”

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9. Hummer

Hummer immediately grabs attention with a couple of odd crackles that allow belief that somewhere, a guitar was involved, yet they don’t sound anything like one. But not for long, as they get replaced by a catchy bass riff and the lead guitar, which then welcome another universe of distortion in which to get los”

The Smashing Pumpkins' Sadlands

8. Rocket

“Started off with pedal bliss and overdubs abound, sure enough to make any fan of electric guitars drool. The song sounds somewhat tamer than what came before but the songwriting hasn’t dropped in quality in any way. A perfect accompaniment to riding on my bike, which has lead to me speeding up to worrying speeds alongside other traffic when it came on (or I deliberately played it). The guitars have never stopped sounding awesome.”

7. Quiet

Quiet follows suit and delivers on the distorted promise of the opener. But while the guitar effects might not differ much, they come together in a much darker tone of sound, with progressions that sound heavy. The lyrics here begin to border even more on the themes that are common in louder and angrier genres. I’d say they fit the song, while their meaning goes completely over my head.”

Heaven Sent Katie. 26. VA. Capricorn — The Smashing Pumpkins

6. Soma

“And then there is Soma, which I believe is a fan-favourite, but has again never really done anything for me as opposed to most other songs on here. It sounds good, but is comparatively dull, and even when it dips into noisier soundscapes it is unable to make me feel anything. It’s telling that the piano around halfway manages to distract me of the guitars at hand.”

5. Geek U.S.A.

“While Geek U.S.A. is fun, and has the album title among its lyrics, it is unfortunately another one I am less impressed by. Absolutely love the drumming on this, though, which is one of the things that still make this song worthwhile and listenable. It just feels and sounds so much more conventional than the rest, for the most part anyway: the final minute is great.”

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4. Disarm

“I have to say, Disarm seems to be one held dear by the general public and SP fans alike, but I never was that fond of it. I like the song, sure, but the lyrics always felt out of place with its humble and serene sounds. This song also introduces strings, which do sound nice but it only makes me think of the (superior) Tonight, Tonight that they would record later.”

3. Today

“How refreshing it is, then, to hear Corgan get up close and personal on Today, for sure the song that is nowadays remembered most fondly, and for good reason. Today is more than a riff. It was for Corgan, who was dealing with suicidal thoughts. But it is a happy song. A song about overcoming yourself. Putting away your fears.”

We'll Crucify the Insincere Tonight — Smashing Pumpkins / Gish era

2. Cherub Rock

“Is there a better album opener than Cherub Rock? Obviously, for me there isn’t. The drum riff, the guitar intro, the wall of distortion that follows, and the melody that in turn breaks through the mess smugly as to make fun of music that doesn’t go beyond that initial mess and clunk.”

1. Mayonaise

Mayonaise is my favourite song. It is not that remarkable, I’d say. But the sounds on this I love even more than anything else on the album, hell, in the world – to find out that My Bloody Valentine’s Sometimes was an inspiration after having decided I loved both songs, makes everything come full circle. It made me realize how I don’t choose my favourite music – my favourite music chooses me, which makes it so hard to pronounce my love for it as the music often does it for no reason.”