Simple Minds Songs Ranked

Simple Minds are a Scottish rock band formed in Glasgow in 1977. Simple Minds have released a string of hit singles, becoming best known internationally for their 1985 hit “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”, from the soundtrack of the film The Breakfast Club. Their other prominent hit singles include “Alive and Kicking” and “Belfast Child” (UK No. 1). They have achieved five UK Albums chart number one albums and have sold more than 60 million albums. They were the most commercially successful Scottish band of the 1980s. Despite various personnel changes, they continue to record and tour. In 2016, they received the Ivor Novello Award for Outstanding Song Collection from the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers, and Authors.
The nucleus of Simple Minds consists of the two remaining original members, Jim Kerr (vocals) and Charlie Burchill (electric & acoustic guitars, occasional keyboards after 1990, saxophone, and violin). The other current band members are Ged Grimes (bass guitar), Cherisse Osei (drums), Sarah Brown (backing vocals), Gordy Goudie (additional guitar & keyboards). Notable former members include Mick MacNeil (keyboards), Derek Forbes (bass), Brian McGee & Mel Gaynor (drums). Here are all of the Simple Minds’ songs ranked.

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20. Love Song (Sons and Fascination, 1981)

“This is pure epicness, the beginning of a song is great. I just wonder how it didn’t come up to top 10 because it totally deserves it. Probably one of my favourite songs from Simple Minds.”

19. Home (Black & White 050505, 2005)

“This is absolutely great. The lyrics, guitar sound, the voice of Jim, the sense are something out of this world.. Slide guitar like none other. Best song by far!”

18. Hunter and the Hunted (New Gold Dream (81–82–83–84), 1982)

“Best song and my all time favourite (of all artists not just SM ) since 1982 – especially the dreamtime mix. Best simple minds song ever, never get sick of this song all time fave of any band.”

17. Mandela Day (Street Fighting Years, 1989)

“This one’s so catchy and powerful that definitely deserves sky-rocketing to the top 10 beyond any reasonable doubt. such one of the greatest examples this band has it.”

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16. See the Lights (Real Life, 1991)

“Best song and my all time favourite (of all artists not just SM ) since 1982 – especially the dreamtime mix. Way ahead of its time and simply brilliant. Nothing like it really both then and now. Simple minds at their most creative.”

15. I Wish You Were Here (Once Upon a Time, 1985)

“The song with the greatest content in terms of my experiences of Love In my eyes a great song should be up higher. Simple minds do have some great tracks, but this one is timeless.”

14. Once Upon a Time (Once Upon a Time, 1985)

“Bass riff to die for and beautiful complex song. Brings joy to me. Before they sold out they were so much better”

13. Let There Be Love (Real Life, 1991)

“I love this song… it’s always been one of my favorites by this band… and not many people are familiar with it… just a beautiful piece of work!”

12. Up On the Catwalk (Sparkle in the Rain, 1984)

“For all the great songs they produced, this is by far their best song. A perfect masterpiece! Go listen! Constantly rising to higher levels of energy throughout”

11. Ghost Dancing (Once Upon a Time, 1985)

“Never heard a better song than this, so for sure the best song of all time One of my favorite songs of all time and a great life. The structure of this song is amazing, it’s a masterpiece.”

10. New Gold Dream (New Gold Dream, 1982)

“This is my favorite song of all time, I first heard it on on Radio One in the late 80s and bought the album the day after. It’s brilliant to live too. Never heard a better song than this, so for sure the best song of all time”

9. Glittering Prize (New Gold Dream, 1982)

“A couple of years ago when I was down as I have ever been in my life and I was thinking silly thought’s, for what ever reason I switched over to the Red Button, low and behold there was Simple Minds doing there Acoustic Gig, I watched it over and over again until it was of air, Glittering Prize is my No1, See The Lights No2 with New Gold Dreams No3.”

8. Waterfront (Sparkle in the Rain, 1984)

“One of the best openings to an anthem ever Great song, played live nothing better. Love it! easily their best song. This song was way ahead of its time. One of the best.”

7. Promised You a Miracle (New Gold Dream, 1982)

“Bass, guitar, vocals – the business! Ethereal Young Jimmy and little Charlie. The undoubted best SM track. 1983 live Pinkfest love it! One of the best new waves songs of all-time”

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6. All the Things She Said (Once Upon a Time, 1985)

“The video for this song seems really funny and ahead if it time at the point when it was made. Yet, brilliant. So many gorgeous hooks.”

5. Someone Somewhere (In Summertime) (New Gold Dream, 1982)

“The best song from their best album. This is the number one song! My favorite song by them, it’s just powerful as many of you says”

4. Sanctify Yourself (Once Upon a Time, 1985)

“Amazingly and somewhat underrated track that’s arguably even better live. Say it quietly but it’s better than “Don’t You…” Crank it up in the car and be transported back to 1985.”

3. Belfast Child (Street Fighting Years, 1989)

“Great song, Don’t you forget about me is catchy, Waterfront is a fantastic anthem, Alive and Kicking is probably for me a close second to this one but for me it doesn’t get much better than this song, some day we’re gonna tear the old town down!”

2. Alive and Kicking (Alive and Kicking, 1985)

“Much as I like Breakfast Club and Don’t You Forget About Me, this is an incredible song. Robin Clark’s vocals are incredible, and the video for this has some of the prettiest scenery you will ever see. This song represents everything great about 80s music.”

1. Don’t You (Forget About Me) (NOW That’s What I Call Music! 5, 1985)

“Even today it sounds fantastic the pubs come alive when it’s played Great song and a great opening. One of the best songs ever made.”