Sleigh Bells Albums Ranked

Sleigh Bells is an American noise pop musical duo based in Brooklyn, New York, formed in 2008. The duo consists of vocalist Alexis Krauss and guitarist Derek Edward Miller. After signing to N.E.E.T. Recordings and Mom + Pop Music, Sleigh Bells released their debut album, Treats, in May 2010. Their follow-up album, Reign of Terror, was released in February 2012. In October 2013, the band released their third album, Bitter Rivals while their fourth album, Jessica Rabbit, was released in November 2016. Here are all of Sleigh Bells’ albums ranked.

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6. Sleigh Bells (2009)

Sleigh Bells – Sleigh Bells (2009, 320 kbps, File) - Discogs

“The beat is hard, destructive, complaining. Bodies tremble, feet move, missiles are fired. Sleigh Bells gives us a taste of the tip of something that in the now visible 2010 is going to be a bomb. It’s like the weather forecast: the hurricane is coming in the distance. Yes, it’s going to be huge. For now, that thing explodes in our restless rigid discs from giving play to that addiction called “Crown on The Ground”.

5. Kid Kruschev (2017)

Album Review: Sleigh Bells - “Kid Kruschev” | The McGill Tribune

“I actually liked the vocals. The music is more subtle this time around. There’s less noise, more space for Alexis to take over. She’s not a great singer but her valley girl appeal is well… appealing.”

4. Jessica Rabbit (2016)

Sleigh Bells – Jessica Rabbit (2016, Tiger's Eye Yellow, Vinyl) - Discogs

“This is not only a more mature outing from the duo, but the songs have more dimensions than just, riff, pop hook, riff. A lot of these tracks go for different elements, showing a side of the two that we’ve never seen before (although it’s still the exception rather than the rule). All I can say is that we’ve FINALLY got a good Sleigh Bells album on our hands. Jeez, that took a while. I doubt this album will ever get it’s due, especially compared to the overrated debut but I think this trumps all three of their other records.”

3. Bitter Rivals (2013)

Bitter Rivals - Album by Sleigh Bells | Spotify

“Sleigh Bells has always sounded poppy but with this album, it’s as if they overdosed on candy and the choruses are catchier and the vocals are shinier. The title of the album, _Bitter Rivals_, bring to mind high school days or girl fights and this certainly has that air, the feeling of strife disguised in lipstick. Alexis lets her experience with being in girl teen pop bands seep through the noise that her partner in crime forms as a wall of sound. This is by far their most immediate effort yet and I can understand how some might think it’s regression but this is infectious pop from start to finish.”

2. Reign Of Terror (2012)

Reign of Terror - Album by Sleigh Bells | Spotify

“Sleigh Bells injected a shot of rock into their static-blanketed pop on Reign of Terror, making it a more palatable but decidedly less unique album than their debut. And unlike their debut, this album doesn’t have any throwaway tracks, making it a pretty good album and slightly improving upon Sleigh Bells’ sound.”

1. Treats (2010)

Treats - Album by Sleigh Bells | Spotify

“Holy hell, this album is massive. These folks aren’t interested in things like subtlety or gentle foreplay… only bass thumping, guitar flashing, “put on some massive fucking headphones and fuck shit up” jamming. Most albums quietly wait for you to unlock their secrets… this album kicks down your front door, downs an unmarked bottle of alcohol and starts setting your furniture on fire.”