Sleigh Bells Songs Ranked

Sleigh Bells is an American noise pop musical duo based in Brooklyn, New York, formed in 2008. The duo consists of vocalist Alexis Krauss and guitarist Derek Edward Miller. After signing to N.E.E.T. Recordings and Mom + Pop Music, Sleigh Bells released their debut album, Treats, in May 2010. Their follow-up album, Reign of Terror, was released in February 2012. In October 2013, the band released their third album, Bitter Rivals while their fourth album, Jessica Rabbit, was released in November 2016. Here are all of Sleigh Bells’ songs ranked.

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10. Straight A’s (Treats 2010)

“Straight A’s” is the loudest track on the album. Without doubt. It brings a whole new meaning to loud and makes the music seem larger than life.”

9. A/B Machine (Treats 2010)

“I think this song is about honesty and how people may show one motive openly but they also have a hidden motive. I love pumping this song in the car. when the heavy bass kick in….seriously so good.”

8. Run The Heart (Treats 2010)

“I think its a song that is simply just about the game of love and starting new relationships. When I first listened to this song I got an image in my head of two people randomly dancing together at a club. The singer is interested in this person, but doesn’t know if they are interested in her or not. She even gives a warning that you shouldn’t mess around with her, because she knows about the game as well.”

Treats - Album by Sleigh Bells | Spotify

7. Kids (Treats 2010)

” In “Kids”, there are synthesizers that imitate guitar feedback, synthetic orchestral blasts, the usual dance-pop, and hip-hop vocals.”

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6. Treats (Treats 2010)

“The namesake of the album, “Treats,” is an interesting culmination for the album, and seems like an appropriate closer. It starts off by sounding like a Smiths song, then returns to form. I was happy that it didn’t end on a poor note; too many albums as of late have and it just seems disappointing when an otherwise strong album leaves off weakly.”

5. Comeback Kid (Reign of Terror, 2012)

“Sleigh Bells has a very unique sound, which for me is hit or miss. This is by far my favorite song that they have put in wide release! The beat is very catchy, it has a great bass and an interesting under-scored instrumental sound. The songs starts a little abrasive, but by the end is a simple instrumental piano, which speaks volume to the lyrics of the song and the actual meaning of the song.”

Reign of Terror - Album by Sleigh Bells | Spotify

4. Rule Number One (Jessica Rabbit, 2016)

“Sleigh Bells are back! They haven’t branched out to very different territory, sonically, but there is a lot of charm left in their familiar oversaturated guitars and dry, defiant vocals.”

3. Infinity Guitars (Treats 2010)

“Infinity Guitars” is among one of the harsher tracks on the album, and also seems slightly out of place, but the change of pace is definitely appreciated. “

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2. Rill Rill (Treats 2010)

“”Rill Rill” definitely has all the elements on a great, well-written song. I think now that they’ve settled on an interesting, unique sound, they have great potential. I think on their future releases they probably need to focus more on lyrics just to keep their releases fresh.”

Sleigh Bells – Jessica Rabbit (2016, Tiger's Eye Yellow, Vinyl) - Discogs

1. Tell ‘Em (Treats 2010)

“I could be completely off base but that’s what I’m thinking. Maybe Sleigh Bells aren’t a band that uses irony in this way, but I really can’t think of it as looking down on young people when a lot of their other songs seem to be centered around youth culture in a non-demeaning way. And after all they’re a rock band, not some angry group of old geezers.”