Slowhand Songs Ranked

Slowhand is the fifth full-length studio album by Eric Clapton. Released on 25 November 1977 by RSO Records, and titled after Clapton’s nickname, it is one of his most commercially and critically successful studio albums. Slowhand produced the two hit singles “Lay Down Sally” and “Wonderful Tonight”, reached various international music charts and was honoured with numerous awards and recording certifications. In 2012, a deluxe edition was released to celebrate the album’s 35th anniversary. Clapton wanted to work with record producer Glyn Johns, because he thought Johns produced great work with famous groups like the Rolling Stones and Eagles and understood how to work with both British and American musicians. While in the studio with Johns, Clapton noted that the A-list producer was very disciplined and disliked jamming, because it would kill important recording time. Although Clapton and his band were intoxicated nearly all the time when recording, Johns liked Clapton’s work and brought out the best in every musician, according to Clapton. Here are all of Slowhand songs ranked.

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9. We’re All the Way

“The Don Williams song “We’re All The Way” is the most overlooked of the albums contents. We’re All The Way is a pleasant focused ballad.”

8. Peaches and Diesel

“The young Eric Clapton is a bluesy, psychedelic hell hound. On his best middle period work though– like here– he finds a more sustainable groove for the long haul, his playing shifting from explosive to tasteful”

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7. Next Time You See Her

“Next Time You See Her” is a hybrid of folk and country. There is a tremendous line in the tune that would foreshadow the eventual divorce “She got everything including my old car.”

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6. Mean Old Frisco

“Mean Old Frisco” is a slow blues that shows Clapton is still a bluesman at heart. Clapton’s stellar musical chops combined with a solid backup band makes for what is undoubtedley a signature album.”

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5. Lay Down Sally

“Lay Down Sally” is probably the purest distillation of the vibe of this album, with its breezy feel, gently chugging guitars, and airy vocals.”

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4. May You Never

“The man sure produced his share of dross. For all the adoration he enjoyed as his generation’s rock guitar God, he made a lot of records, either as lead or sideman, that sound tremendously competent and woefully inexpressive and even a tad uninspired”

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3. Wonderful Tonight

“I think “Wonderful Tonight” was written for his wife but, whatever, it is a simple, touching appreciation of a loved one. The lyrics are so everyday and effortless it makes you believe you could write something similar yourself, that is until you try and actually realise how difficult it is to sound so natural and heartfelt without becoming trite and maudlin.”

2. The Core

“The song has some marvelous vocal interplay between Mr. Clapton and Marcy Levy and some stellar guitar work. Slowhand was a return to the top ten for Mr. Clapton reaching number three in early 1978.”

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1. Cocaine

“Cocaine leads off and has been a signature song since this album was released, and remains one of his concert staples to this day. JJ Cale’s “Cocaine” is a solid riff rocker that finds an insistent, repetitive groove, and provides a platform for some of Clapton’s most explosive playing on the record.”