Smokin OP’s Songs Ranked

Smokin’ O.P.’s is the fifth studio album by American rock singer-songwriter Bob Seger, released in 1972 (see 1972 in music). The album was reissued on CD by Capitol Records in 2005. It is currently the earliest Bob Seger album available on CD. The cover art is a parody of the Lucky Strike cigarette logo. Smokin’ O.P.’s refers to Smokin’ Other People’s Songs, a derivation on the slang phrase “Smoking O.P.’s” meaning to smoke other people’s cigarettes exclusively (never purchasing your own for consumption). Most of the tracks on this release are covers of songs written by other artists. The album cover was created by Thomas Leroy Weschler, who was Seger’s road manager at the time. The cover was inspired by an advertisement for Lucky Strike cigarettes. Tom Weschler also went on to co-write Traveling Man: On the Road & Behind the Scenes with Bob Seger. Here are all of Smokin OP’s songs ranked.

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9. Let It Rock

“Let It Rock” is straight ahead old school rock and roll! Arguably just as good as Chuck Berry’s version. It’s definitely just as vocally passionate. The keyboards give it life too.”

8. Bo Diddley

“Bob Seger’s “Bo Diddley/Who Do You Love?” has a smoky sound to the guitar playing and production that I like, and keyboards are a nice addition too. I’m familiar with the Bo Diddley beat (though embarrassingly I spent many decades not knowing it was called that and had to do extensive google searching to find out what it’s actually called based on the songs I was familiar with at the time).”

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7. Turn on Your Love Light

“Turn On your Love Light” was quite the popular cover song back in the 60’s and 70’s. It’s easy to see why given its upbeat and fun rhythm and vocal melody. Bob’s voice feels just right, but honestly this is the type of song that just about *anybody* with a quality singing voice can make sound good hence its popularity.”

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6. Love the One You’re With

“Love the One You’re With” is an interesting idea for a cover song, and a recipe for a potential disaster if it’s not sung correctly. Let’s be honest Stephen Stills is an amazing singer and it’s going to be one tough task for anyone to compete with that version.”

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5. Jesse James

“The opener of side two, comes across as a generic bar-hall stomper, and ‘Jesse James’, while less distinguished than some of the other tracks, has a beat like a churning locomotive that blends in well with the albums other tracks.”

4. If I Were a Carpenter

“If I Were a Carpenter” is really appealing based on the moody organs chugging along in the background. Bob’s vocals are somber and turn the song more ballad-like than I was expecting, and you know, this might be just as good as the original. I really like this. This song captures the live American music scene of the early 70’s really well. It’s obvious Bob’s not the type to sing straightforward melodies and would prefer being more soulful.”

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3. Hummin’ Bird

Hummin’ Bird” is incredible for the soft elevation in Bob’s voice during the intro. He really elevates a thing of beauty there! “Sometimes I get impatient, be she cools me without words, and she comes so softly my hummingbird, and have you heard, I thought my life had ended but I found that it’s just begun, ‘cuz she gets me where I live, I’d give her everything I’ve got to give, all for that hummingbird”.”

2. Someday

“Someday” opens with a piano line that reminds me of the theme song to… Taxi? Some TV show from the 70’s. Is that the mellotron? Now that’s awesome! The prog rock lover in me is getting excited about that, haha. But this is a devastating ballad. Bob really sings this song in the saddest way he can.”

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1. Heavy Music

 “Heavy Music” opens in a Rascals kind of way with the snappy bass and danceable beat. This song isn’t really heavy in the sense it’s hard rock or heavy metal, but Bob’s vocals really blow me away. He sings steadily throughout the song too. Cool way to end the album even though the song feels sloppy.”